Case Study: How Bunnings uses PredictiveHire’s AI to amplify great candidate experience

As Australia’s largest hardware retailer, Bunnings has over 300 stores for which they recruit. Every year Bunnings receives thousands of applications for Customer Service roles.

Mostly it is consumers who apply – those who love the Bunnings brand and want to be part of their story. Candidates are Bunnings’ consumers making candidate experience crucial to Bunnings.

Making recruiting more efficient was critical.

With application volumes are in six figures, using PredictiveHire reduces time invested in hiring by 90 percent, giving back valuable time to store managers.

Easy intuitive and fair for every candidate

1) Every applicant gets an interview

This ensure fairness, and equal opportunity for all. Plus, true blind screening matters to ensure trust in your recruitment process and to reach the best latent talent.

2) Texting is easy, fast and comfortable for candidates

Untimed interviews remove the pressure. No video removes the performance pressure. Interview questions that are engaging, that every candidate understands, enhance trust. Every candidate tells their story in their words. That’s empowering!

3) Every candidate gets something back

The end of ghosting! Every candidate receives personalised feedback and coaching tips. This is transformative for the candidate experience and your brand.

The results speak for themselves…

  • Shortlisting time reduced by 90 percent
  • Candidate sentiment score is 99 percent
  • BLIND SCREENING delivered more diverse hiring

Candidate feedback on their FirstInterviewTM experience

“… it was really good to be able to speak without fear of judgment and have the freedom to do so.”

“This was a really stress-free interview.”

“A really good way of sharing details about myself that wasn’t in a face to face interview form, which can sometimes be intimidating.”

“… I don’t know if it is a human or a robot answering me, but if it is a robot then the technology is quite amazing.”

“I really like this style of interview. It’s different and more companies should use it.

“I like how it’s not multiple choice and that I can write what I think.”

“I think the questions asked show the true value of a person and what an asset they can be to a company.”

“This was really quick and user friendly!”

“… having the interview online with an automated response I find to be much more relaxing than the phone call.”

“The questions helped me to communicate my skills in my words.”

“I’ve never used this format for an interview before, but I loved it! It’s an excellent way to really get to know your applicants without the added pressure and anxiety of a face-to-face interview.”

“I really felt like I had the time and opportunity to present my ideas and values.”

Candidate feedback on their MyInsightsTM experience

“I honestly cannot believe how accurate the feedback was. I’ve done many personality tests and I have always felt the results were shallow and not always that true to me.”

“I like myself better.”

Amazing. My wife and I are amazed at the accuracy of your assessment.”

“These are things I knew about myself but wouldn’t have thought to articulate in such a way.”

“Increased my self-confidence.”

“This is a perfect description of me. Absolutely correct. Thank you for the action plan.”

Very informative and awesome to get coaching tips at the end.”

“The insights provided brought awareness to areas in my personality which I either did not realise or I couldn’t put it into words.”

“The coaching tip at the end is very useful as it doesn’t only pinpoint something you can work on; it provides steps to achieve this.”

“This helped me see how I can come across as a person.”

“I gained confidence in myself reading this.”

 “Amazing that this was gained from just a few questions and answers!”

“I was surprised by how accurate the machine learning approach was!”

“Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and sharing them with me was a bonus of being a part of this process.”

PredictiveHire’s AI interviews every candidate in-depth offering trust at scale.

  • It’s fair – everyone gets an untimed interview by chat.
  • It’s standardised – everyone gets the same structured interview
  • It’s convenient – candidates attend the interview in their own time, from whichever device they have access
  • It removes bias – candidates are assessed without reference to any personal information
  • It supports upward mobility – for those who previously have been limited by their CV, it opens new doors
  • It boosts your brand – candidates love the experience and appreciate the feedback


This case study is contributed by PredictiveHire.

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