2023 State of Talent Acquisition Report

In March 2023, 230 Talent Teams from across Australia and New Zealand told us what they thought about the talent acquisition sector right now.

Participants were asked about a range of factors related to TA, including how well they deliver talent and partner with their business, how their hiring experience stacks up, what type of funding and executive support they receive, and how they feel about their existing tech stack.

These results give us a clear insight into current recruitment trends, how talent teams are feeling, and what the talent priorities are right now.

The 2023 State of Talent Acquisition Report, delivered by ATC Events & Media in partnership with Paradox, provides a deep-dive look into the current state of talent in Australia and New Zealand, including:

  • What talent teams are doing well right now, and where they feel they’re falling short
  • How well funded talent functions are, and how much the support provided to them by their C-Suite impacts their performance
  • The current structure of TA teams and the potential future state of Talent Advisory
  • How the average TA team’s tech stack performs
  • The current state of candidate experience
  • The extent to which TA is working to close the gender pay gap
  • a snapshot of how talent teams are feeling right now and what their energy levels are
  • priorities and recommendations for future success
  • and much more!

Want a detailed breakdown of what the 2023 State of Talent Acquisition Report means for talent teams?

Re-watch the discussion in which our expert panel delved into the key findings of the report and discussed what these findings mean for talent teams now, and in the future.


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