This Week In Talent (8th July)

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

Happy Thursday!

It’s NAIDOC Week this week, and I’m coming to you from Wurundjeri Country! I’m so lucky and grateful to work for a government organisation that celebrates NAIDOC week by organising and hosting a bunch of different educational events.  I hope you’ve attended as many NAIDOC events as you can, learned something new, and shared your knowledge with all your friends!

This year’s NAIDOC theme is Heal Country! It calls for stronger measures to recognise, protect and maintain all aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage. If you haven’t booked into any events yet, there’s still time. Check out remaining events here.

This week I’ve been listening to the Anxious Achiever podcast again. This episode in particular, entitled ‘Creating Boundaries In Our Everyday Work’ was a really good listen –  a reminder that it’s totally okay to stop answering emails outside of work hours, and set boundaries for your damn self. This episode also features Roxane Gay who is a divine feminist goddess. A good listen for when you’re out walking the dog.

Have a great week, and see ya next Thursday 🙂

How To Deal With Remote Conflict

Conflict is an inevitable thing that happens between human beings – even when we were kids. At the moment working remotely – it’s so easy to take emails/messages the wrong way. Our brain builds a story and makes a judgement based on our perceived threat level … which isn’t always accurate. Stupid brains. A great 5 min video on how to handle difficult convo’s remotely from HBR!

For A Young Indigenous Woman, Imposter Syndrome Isn’t A Career Barrier – It’s A Life One

I’ve read a number of articles recently about imposter syndrome being an excuse for discrimination and exclusion, and this article speaks to it perfectly. It’s especially bad for our First Nations folks who are trying to navigate a system that was designed for white men. Advising someone they have imposter syndrome … could be considered career gaslighting. Have a read!

What Your Future Employees Want Most

During the COVID lockdown people started realising that they didn’t need to shuffle into the CBD at 9am, and shuffle home again at 5pm anymore. They realised that remote working was possible, and (in a lot of cases) they were MORE productive when working from home. We’ve had a taste of the good life, and now it’s going to have to be the norm or risk losing staff.

Does Human Resources Still Need Humans?

This is interesting … because in a world of automation, can we actually replace humans in our Human Resources team? This is a poddie that has also been transcribed – so you have the option to listen OR read.

You Need A Skills-Based Approach To Hiring And Developing Talent

I agree with this so wholeheartedly it hurts – we need to start moving away from judging people on their previous experience, and start assessing them on the skills they have and their potential instead! Imagine the diversity, imagine the business wins, imagine the cool ideas you’ll start creating with some fresh perspectives in your team!

How Remote Work Open Opportunities For People With Disabilities

Something awesome to come out of being locked down and working from home is the realisation that people don’t have to navigate their way to an office building in the CBD to be able to do a job. They can do it from home, which has some obvious wins for people with a disability and promotes inclusion in the workplace. Let’s keep this up!

Aussie Bosses Want To Track Your Vaccination Status

This is an interesting one – and will be a rising trend across the Australian workforce … can your employer actually mandate that you get a vaccine? Throwback to Lucy Eldred’s recent article here for further details around this new and emerging discussion.

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