This Week In Talent (6 May)

Note From The Editor

Ummmm since when is it May already?! I legit didn’t even notice that April had ended, and May had begun. Rude! We’re almost halfway through 2021 now … sheesh! I hope you’re all kicking goals and being totally BOSS at life. I’ve spent WAY too much time in April re-watching all the seasons of The Handmaid’s Tale in preparation for season 4 which came out last week and I am STOKED. Although … far out binge watching multiple episodes of THT in a night is grim – nothing good ever happens. Lots of exciting stuff, and some small wins. But I feel like every time June gets ahead a tiny bit, she goes 2 steps back. It’s been a gruelling, frustrating rewatch … BUT I’ve loved it.

Also this week I’ve been in the mood to try something new … so my friend Katie and I have decided to start surfing as a hobby! I’ve tried a few times in the past, and I suck at it so I’ve always ended up giving up … BUT this time I’m determined. And I like the fact I’m making you all aware of this new goal so it holds me accountable. I’m too proud to give up now, I’m hoping by the end of the year I’ll be able to catch a wave. I decided that the rest of my 2021 vibe is going to be Jody Smith – Surfer Gal.

Hope everyone has their ATC2021 tix for later this month? Can’t wait to see everyone in the flesh – I’m dying for some networking, and making some new professional friends. Click the link, and get amongst it because you don’t wanna miss out do you?!

Allyship and going beyond the #hashtag

Have you ever wondered what performative allyship is? It’s all well and good to pop a black square on your insta feed, or include a rainbow emoji on a post from time to time with all the right hashtags … but it’s not enough. Joanne Lockwood explains in this article about what true ongoing allyship looks like, and I love this quote: “as an ally, you need to carry this weight, hold the rope and don’t put it down.”

Culture First Podcast – ‘How To Build An Anti-Racist Organisation, with Aubrey Blanche’

If you’re not already subscribed to Culture Amp’s “Culture First” podcast then … you’re silly and you need to get on that asap. I listened to this on one of my afternoon dog walks last week, and I immediately sent it to 3 or 4 other people as a “must listen”. Aubrey Blanche is a f*cking legend, and this poddie shows off her true awesomeness. She talks about how EVERY role is a DEI role – you don’t have to work in DEI to have impact in that space, and in fact it’s actually EASIER to make an impact if you’re NOT in a DEI specific role. Inspiring stuff there, and defs worth a listen.

Welcome to the YOLO Economy

Are you a bit cashed up after the lockdowns last year, and feeling burnt out with work? Thought about … quitting and doing something you’ve always wanted to do instead? This is something my anxious, Type-A, “no surprises please” brain struggles to comprehend … but apparently a lot of people (particularly burnt out young people) in America are quitting their jobs to do something new and enjoy their lives a bit more. Nothing like a pandemic to make you recognise your own mortality – YOLO!

Meeting Statistics in 2021: The Future of Meetings Report

Okay okay … this article sounds BORING. Who wants to read statistics about meetings? Ergh. WELL … I’m here to tell you, it’s worth a read. A bunch of big businesses were interviewed about meeting trends, and the findings are actually really interesting. I love an article with action items, and this one is FULL of them. This is my favourite meeting tip: “Cancel meetings that do not have a clear purpose or agenda (no agenda, no attenda!)”. My new work motto is “no agenda, no attenda” …

Know your rights: Can I be fired on probation?

With D’Neale Prosser’s second article in her probation series this week … I thought I might throw this article in too to compliment the subject. It lays out some of the common questions people wonder about probation, and the rights of the employer and employee. Can someone be fired on probation? Is it really a fail safe for employers? Have a read.

All Your New Favourite Fashion Influencers Are Dogs

It wouldn’t be a ‘This Week In Talent’ curated by Jody Smith without some dog content thrown in, so here you have it. Although I’m a tiny bit offended that my own baby boy Eric (@fartboi69) didn’t make it into this article in some capacity … I found it a highly enjoyable read nonetheless.

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