This Week in Talent (4 Mar)

Note From The Editor

This past week I’ve been thinking about what our future hiring strategies will look like. What will our ‘rule of thumb’ be when recruiting a role in this new hybrid working world. I’ve also been thinking a lot about diversity and inclusion, and how that will also incorporate into this hiring strategy. Remote hiring is a fantastic opportunity to be more diverse and attract and a wide range of candidates to our roles, but are we making the most of this opportunity or just falling back into old habits? A lot happening in my head this week – it’s mayhem up there! As always, reach out if you have anything on this topic you’d love to share. I’d love to pick your brain for future newsletters!

Internal Talent Awards 2021

The ITAs were exactly the spirit lift we needed in 2020, a night of fun and celebration of our terrific industry and the bloody impressive work you all are doing out there. So, imagine our excitement when Craig and Lauren announce a LIVE Internal Talent Awards for 2021! Jump in and check out the categories and how to get that nomination in.

How To Beat Lonliness And Make Friends At Work

I loved this video. It spoke to my soul as I’ve felt really lonely and weird commencing my last 2 roles remotely. I rely on my good looks, humour and charm to win people over (I’m joking, obviously) – but my attempts to build rapport with my new work colleagues don’t always translate across in the remote world. I’m going to give Christine’s tactics a go … watch this space. 

In Times Of Uncertainty, Our Most Creative Thoughts Can Happen Through Play’

I’ve often thought about using ‘play’ in the way I recruit roles. It’s something I’ve definitely got the freedom to do, but haven’t actually acted upon yet. Keen to hear if anyone has played around with this in their workplace.

When The D&I Solution Is The Problem

This article is for all HR peeps, not just talent or employee experience, and highlights the importance of making sure D&I has been thought about and incorporated into all aspects of the candidate and employee experience.

Jobs On The Rise In 2021

LinkedIn’s annual report on jobs that will be on the rise this year. I thought it was interesting to see that remote health care roles are booming in Aus … a reflection of the times, however it could be a sign that Aussies are prioritising their mental health and seeking help when they need it – particularly now that care is so accessible being online and moving to Telehealth appointments. Go Aus!

The Feeling Economy And It’s Impact On Hiring

This article is all about how the warm, fuzzy human “feeling” roles are on the rise to work in tandem with AI. AI is amazing, but it can’t replace true human emotion, empathy or compassion. We need both! 

How Companies Will Balance Virtual and In-Person Recruiting In A Post-Pandemic World

Where I work we are currently in the process of redesigning how the mix of remote and in-person hiring will work. I found this really interesting, and timely. I’d love to chat with anyone who is currently working through this, or has recently decided on a process? Hit me up on LinkedIn so I can pick your brain!

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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