This Week in Talent (3rd March)

Hello again!

Jody SmithI’ve been going along to every virtual event (and soon-to-be IRL event) I can this year and last week I went along to the Chapman CG/EY event on current talent shortages and employee experience, and it was so interesting!

The main thing I took away from the event was that we’re not really seeing the impact of the Great Resignation in Australia that we thought we would, however we are seeing the Great Reshuffle (I’m sure you’ve heard this term being thrown around). People aren’t completely leaving the workforce like they are in the US – they’re taking the opportunity to move on to bigger and better, or completely different, opportunities with companies that align with their values. People expect more from their employers (and rightly so).

Focusing on experiences across three different levels is important if we’re going to succeed in the talent space this year:

  • Individual level: employee’s personal desires, needs, aspirations, development and priorities
  • Relational level: how employees interact with colleagues, collaborate and get work done
  • Enterprise level: physical, social, technological, organisational and societal impacts

You can read more about all of this here! Very interesting – I’m loving the data and trends we’re seeing at the moment, especially at such a pivotal time in our history. Juicy stuff!

So a Zen AF thing this week (well …. maybe not zen, but VERY VERY HEARTWARMING) is watching The Rescue on Disney Plus. If you haven’t watched it yet, do so immediately. It’s an incredible documentary about the rescue of the 12 boys that were trapped in a Thai cave a few years ago. I didn’t know the cave was like … 3kms long, and ended up completely underwater! Not just any water – super muddy, rapid-like water that made it impossible to get them out safely. Honestly … goosebumps watching the doco, and seeing the rescue crew figure out how they could get them out unharmed.

Indigenous recruitment and labor-hire company helping former prisoners get full-time jobs

What an awesome initiative, created by someone with lived experience wanting to help others in the same situation as him. Providing training and employment assistance – definitely worth a look in if you’re experiencing talent shortages and want to do some good for the world!

The Great Poach: Companies In Desperate Race To Recruit Staff

You’ve heard of The Great Resignation, and The Great Reshuffle … now meet The Great Poach!

Belgium Is The Latest Country To Join The Four-Day Workweek

Just gonna leave this here 😉 … *suggestively winks at Australia*

‘It’s stunting a lot of careers’: NAB boss warns on work-from-home consequences

I mean … each company is different, each culture is different, each job is different. Some interesting points made in this article, and I’ve seen a bit of chatter about it on LinkedIn too.

4 Things I Do To Manage My Team & Get Shit Done

I got a lot out of this Twitter thread – a good reminder to stop reactively working through the day and start being more meaningful and planned with my time. Especially as a leader! (And ESPECIALLY because Zen AF Jody would not approve of reactive work).

Swiping Right on HR Tech

This event looks so rad, I’ll be there with bells on! Tinder and Southern Cross talking about their recruitment/HR tech stack, and how they make their recruitment lives easier whilst keeping the ‘human’ element to the process (which is LITERALLY what I’m trying to do at the moment). Register via the link above!

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