This Week in Talent (31st August)

‘All good things must come to an end’ Chaucer

As August comes to a close, so does my time being an editor of this fab column. It’s been a journey of sharing, knowledge intake and a bit of self-reflection, and I hope you’ve all gained as much as I have throughout this month!

I know I promised to take you on a journey of AI, new technologies and explore a little further into the future of what’s to come (hopefully I’ve delivered on that!), and today’s final column from me will be no different.

After all the chat we’ve had over the last month of the great use cases for AI and ChatGPT in the workplace, there’s been some research and evidence, I came across recently, to indicate that as many as 75% of companies are thinking of banning the use of ChatGPT as the security implications are far outstripping the beneficial uses. Not surprisingly, the technical leadership in these companies were at the forefront of the push with over 72% of those in favour of a ban coming from CIO/CTO/CSO/IT roles.

We’ve gone from expecting AI to reach human creative levels by 2037 to that now becoming a reality by end of next year! So, it’s not hard for us to expect the potential risks to data security and privacy to be justified with this speed of uptake. However, as with every new shiny thing, there’s always a chance to evolve, learn and be better/do better.

It’s arguably the most disruptive technology we’ve experienced in our time and its outstripped it’s speed of projected uptake across all industries.

So, this week I leave you with some articles and insights into what could the future hold and how could we be better prepared for this shift. Because it’s coming my friends……

Winter AI is coming’

As I officially sign out, I would love to thank you all for reading/following along and invite you to connect with me if you haven’t as yet. Would love to have a coffee chat!

Explained: The conspiracy to make AI seem harder than it is!

Want to really understand AI? Spotify’s Gustav Söderström explains how systems like ChatGPT work conceptually in an engaging talk and debunks the hype and complexity around AI. You’ll come away with a solid grasp of how systems like ChatGPT function at a high level. A must-watch!

Preparing for the Future: How to Get Ready for the Era of AI?

As AI continues to transform the world around us, it’s important to prepare for the changes that are coming. Here are some steps you can take to get ready for the era of AI

What’s New in Artificial Intelligence from the 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle

The 2023 Gartner Hype Cycle for AI is here. Learn about the 26 significant and transformational innovations and techniques featured.

Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise

ChatGPT launches it’s Enterprise version of the platform. Keen to see what companies make of this move into the commercial sphere….


What do algorithms actually look like? This website is a collection of visualisations which illustrate and animate the commonly used algorithms we use every day.

Why Most Founders Don’t Raise Enough Money

Abhishek Maran wrote a really great article on what’s involved in raising seed rounds for those that aren’t as familiar with the world of start-ups/funding rounds. (And if you’re interested in finding out more about start-ups, have a read of this article I wrote back in May about my experience joining a start-up)

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