This Week in Talent (29th July)

Well hey there, peeps – how are we all? Coping okay working from home? Another day, another dollar AM I RIIIIIGHT?!

This week has been a blur tbh (although at some point in the blur I managed to get my 1st AstraZeneca jab – woo hoo). I won’t harp on again like I did last week about how busy I am, but I’ve been finding it really hard to switch off work at the end of the day. Especially because we’ve been in lockdown and I might as well just keep working because there’s nothing else to do. I’m definitely in need of some TLC at the moment. As such, this little editors note will be NQR (not quite recruitment) this week. I’m languishing HARD right now and need to talk about something else 😛

You’ve probably heard the term before – languishing. It’s a new(ish) term that has been created by psychologists recently to describe the feelings that a lot of people have been feeling since the world went into lockdown in March last year. It’s the weird limbo between “flourishing” and “depression”. Like … you don’t feel AWFUL, but you can’t find the energy to do simple tasks because … what’s the point? You’re trying your best just to make it through. Languishing.

For all the languishing folk out there – can I recommend … THE OLYMPICS.  I’ve never been an Olympics fan. I’ve never understood the hype of people throwing sticks and jumping over sticks and fighting each other with sticks …  but oh BOY have I gotten into it hard the past few days. I spent all weekend flicking through the Channel 7 app, watching sports I never knew existed (ummm hello 3×3 basketball and handball?!), drinking wines and getting into all the excitement. Last night my mum and I watched the Boomers win, and my mum lives in Canberra! We were messaging each other about the game, and the sh*tty refs (they were SHOCKING).  I actually felt like I was there live, and it has made me feel connected with people again! I can’t explain how … but it has. I’m loving the Olympics sick.

For people that want to chat to a recruitment support network, can I recommend (again) Rubberband – the support network for recruiters. I was thinking today about how talent acquisition is such a thankless role … how everyone in the business always likes to tell you their 2 cents about how they think recruitment should be run? We smile and nod … whilst dying a tiny bit inside each time. Why not turn to Rubberband, and let those feelings out. You’re not alone!

Lastly, this week’s TikTok LOL. And crap bird photography. Anyways that’s it from me this week, back next week for more thoughts on life. <3

Are you prepared to lose 40% of your employees?

Is your company focused on retaining talent, loving them sick, giving them opportunities to succeed? Or are you more focused on recruitment and bringing in new talent? I think we all know that we can’t keep our employees working with us forever – that’s not the way the world works anymore. But these stats are interesting to see … could we see a mass wave of people looking for new opportunities soon, or leaving the traditional “workforce” altogether?

Feeling Burned Out? Try Being Irresponsible For Once

A new strategy to help fight burnout by … being less structured and organised, and more loose and care free for a period of time? I like where this is going … just forget your to-do list today, and do something spontaneous!

Service NSW To Hire 200 Engineers and Designers

Service NSW is about to embark on a massive recruitment drive to hire 200 IT professionals in the Design and Engineering space. Exciting to see what happens there, and what cool new products/services they come up with that other government entities can emulate!

Why this CEO revolutionised paid parental leave on his first day in the job

On his first day in the job, KPMG’s CEO changed parental policies. Now any new parent, whether “primary” or “secondary” gets 26 weeks of paid parental leave. KPMG is also actively campaigning to the Federal Government to follow suit. We need more of this!

Servant leadership without setting yourself on fire

This was a great read for other servant leaders (like me). I’ve been following Cherie Clonan’s writing and activities on LinkedIn for a while. I love her writing style, and her business (The Digital Picnic) is so cool! In this article she writes about being a servant leader, how to be the best servant leader possible, and … lots of other bits and bobs. Give it a whirl!

Judging begins for the Internal Talent Awards!

An EPIC 91 entries have been submitted for the ITAs. Jo Vo and the rest of the judging panel are about to begin reviewing entries before winners are announced at the Gala Dinner on Wednesday 27 October.  There’s exactly 100 tickets left, so if you’re keen to celebrate great work in our profession (and let’s face it, make some new friends you can call on for some TA advice!) then grab yourself and ticket and get ready to get your sparkle on. The last 100 Ticket are on sale now – click here to get some!

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