This Week in Talent (28 June)

We are back! This week we talk about recruitment marketing, the barriers faced by female business leaders in Australia, how to change your sourcing outcomes, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

How personas change sourcing outcomes

If you are new to recruiting or doing volume recruitment, personas can be your best-kept secret. Find out how.

From women who lead

An interview series exploring the challenges, barriers faced by female business leaders in Australia and Singapore. Read on and be inspired.

Video: Texting etiquette

Text messaging is the new frontier for recruiting, but it can go so wrong. Check out the biggest gaffs some recruiters are making, courtesy of William Tincup.

Video: ATC2018 speaker Aubrey Blanche on ABC’s Q&A

Atlassian diversity leader and ATC2018 speaker Aubrey Blanche speaks out against the way modern culture is built to tolerate abusers instead of the victims and, in the process, revealed a startling admission. Watch to find out. Powerful stuff.

The state of Recruitment Marketing 2018 report

What do successful recruitment marketing organisations do differently? Learn about that, and more, in this report by

Returning to work after parental leave is a huge “adjustment”

Yes it can be challenging, but you are not alone. And if you need some guidance and support, you will find some in this article.

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