This Week in Talent (26th January)

This is my last TWIT for the summer before I hand the reigns to someone else to take up the TWIT editor position. So I guess this is farewell for now. With tears cascading down my face and onto my delicate fingers as I type on the keyboard, let me tell you some things I learned this week …

1. Getting emotionally attached to ideas at work is never good.

Unfortunately, this is part of my neurological differences (#ADHDgirly) and will never be something I can turn off. But today I was working on a project plan for my Talent Acq team, and had to take myself for a little walk for my mental health because I became enraged at the thought that my project proposal might be rejected. Mind you … no one has indicated this to me at all, it is just something my brain decided to think about.  I had to slap myself and say CALM THE EFF DOWN, MATE! There are more important things to worry about like Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig getting snubbed at the Oscars, or who to invite to the Northcote public pool to bob around with me in the ‘Recreational’ swimming lane. Anyway … getting emotionally attached to work is not good.

2. 2024 is going to be a weird year and I am not ready (yet)

Yeah … I’ve been watching the webinars, and reading the articles, and listening to the podcasts, and speaking to the colleagues around the water coolers. It’s gonna be a weird year for talent, and lots of teams are going to have to pivot to a new way of working. Making the most of the talent you already have, ramping up your diversity so you can innovate, looking to tap into the gig worker economy, using AI for EVERYTHING. In-person networking will make a huge come back too, and I know how alot of people feel about that. Even me – I’m a self confessed extrovert, and I used to have the confidence of 1000 fancy kings but now I get nervous just thinking about going to a networking event where I don’t know anyone. 2024 will be the year of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.

3. Witches are a victim of patriarchy

Okay, this one is not quite recruitment (NQR) BUT … did you know that there was a historical smear campaign on witches from many (many many) years ago in the 16th century, where countless women were executed via hanging and BEING BURNED ALIVE ON A FIRE just because someone (usually a dude) said they were a witch?! RUDE! Anyway … the idea of being witch has continued to this day to be associated with older women, warty noses, and cauldrons … but this podcast (which I absolutely binged over 2 days this week) investigates all the modern ways someone can be a witch today.

A great listen – it transported me back to 15 year old Jody who had carrot top red hair, freckles and braces and LOVED her little pink book of “Romantic Spells”. A very funny, and strange, time where I was brewing potions and casting spells to get all the boys I liked at school to fall it love with me. Alas … it did not work.

That’s it for me this week, AND for this summer. It has been REAL, and I’ve loved being back in the TWIT hot seat again. See y’all next time!

The Big Television Debate | Ellen Pompeo, Emma Roberts, Gina Rodriguez, and Gabrielle Union

If you’re into diversity and inclusion, if you’re into equity (I hope everyone is nodding as they read this) then give this a watch! My colleague Daniel Fedyshyn (Talent Acquisition Adviser @ LXRP) shared the following video with me, and I have to thank him because it was great. A panel of famous women (who you will recognise) discuss pay inequity in the film industry, and how generational systemic disadvantage and cultural norms can impact it.

5 Ways DEI Has Been Ineffective And How We Make It Better

Blockers! This article goes through what some of those common blockers and challenges are in the DEI space, and how to navigate them.

Nearly 40% of global employment could be disrupted by AI

That’s a bit hey. But, I think ‘disruption’ is awesome and roles will definitely adapt and change. If this affects your workforce, now is the time to look at retraining and developing the skills of your workforce. The robots will need people to program and operate them, right?

Gartner: Where HR Will Focus In 2024

Interesting look at the future of HR teams this year, the push and pull, and what the focus might be (including a lens on internal mobility). If you’re an HR or TA leader this is worth a read.

Full return to office isn’t the only work model dying. So is fully remote

I guess it IS true what they say – humans are social beings, and like to be around other humans.

Your Secret Weapon for Compliance

Discover how Australian employers are navigating new sexual harassment standards with innovative screening strategies. InterCheck-Certn’s Blake Fratantaro shares how to create safe workplaces and uncover details that may not show in a police check.

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