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Note From The Editor

Hello world! It’s me, Jody Smith (She/Her) 👋🏻

I’m a TA Lead and have the honour of being your new ‘Editor in Residence’ here at ATC for the next little while. Yay!

I’m SO keen to snoop on all of you and find out about all the funky talent things you’ve been doing AND what you’re planning to do. #SharingIsCaring

Here’s a short ‘Get To Know Jody’ video for you (if you’re interested). I will try my very darndest to make the weekly Museletter content interesting, exciting, relevant and fun. Thanks to ATC for the chance to bring some fresh content and voices to the industry. If you’re keen to be interviewed or share your Talent Story, seriously, get in touch! 📲

Scouting For Remote Candidates – Look For These 4 Skills

A practical article focusing on key skills needed to work remotely, and accompanying interview questions to potentially assess candidates on these skills. This is a good article for people looking to remotely recruit general white-collar roles to their business, and maybe stuck for interview question ideas/inspiration.  

Tips To Become A Strategic Talent Advisor To Your Business

OMG where do I begin with this article. It’s long-ish, but by-golly it’s a compelling read. I won’t go into all my key takeaways from this (because I wrote a whole page of them) BUT in general I feel being more strategic with recruitment is something we should all (as talent professionals) be looking to consistently adapt and improve on. I know it’s something I need to improve on, anyway. It shouldn’t just be 1 person that drives it, or only coming from the top level of management. Every talent professional – whether a resourcer or manager – should have a strategic approach to the work they do.

European Space Agency Starts Recruitment Drive For Disabled Astronauts

COOOOOOOOOOOOOL! It’s about bloody time, is all I’ll say to this. I can’t wait to see this program kick off, and hopefully inspire other industries and companies to start thinking about the ability of a person rather than the disability.

Technology, Diversity, And A Global Mindset: Here’s What’s In Store For Remote Hiring In 2021

Interesting article with a link to a global survey conducted on Remote Hiring Trends of 2021 (survey participants included Amazon, Disney, Uber and Zoom amongst others.) The article discusses the main focus points of remote hiring in 2021 – including diversity of talent pool, ensuring candidate and recruiter experience is high, and the need to build up your tech stack.

Call For Jobless To Be Retrained

A short article on some trends happening in America right now (which means it’s happening here too on a slightly smaller scale) around the need to up-skill and cross-train unemployed workers whose jobs will now be redundant due to the rapidly changing workforce.   

I Miss My Bar

Lastly … not really talent related specifically, but an interesting concept none the less – I have met the occasional recruiter that loved a drink or nine (trolololol). Next time we go into lockdown, or if you just want to impress your friends the next time you host drinks at your place, give this website a whirl. It recreates bar noises/sounds, so you can bring the bar to your home. Yasssss.

Do you have any exciting news to share? Reach out and let us know!

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