This Week in Talent (24 May)

This week we have a GDPR cheat sheet, a tool to help you integrate your gig and permanent workforce, ideas on how you can improve diversity in your organisation without a designated “head of diversity” role, ways to improve your candidate interviewing experience from LinkedIn, and more.
Enjoy these musings!

GDPR cheat sheet

Despite GDPR being a European regulation, Australian businesses may need to comply with it, especially if you run an online business. If you are not already onto it, here’s cheat sheet to help get you started.

How Slack got ahead in diversity?

Did you know Slack achieved greater diversity in their workforce as compared to their peers in Silicon Valley without a designated “head of diversity” role? Pick up some useful tips and strategies in this report.

New Deloitte study of 10,455 millennials shows they need help improving these 4 skills

Exactly how can you attract and retain millennials? The proverbial question many organisations are asking today. Here’s a good article summarising how you can do that by closing these skill gaps to stop the outflow of young Talent.

Are freelancers your best performers? Applying Organisational Network Analysis to the Gig Economy

New tool. The Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) can be a vital tool to address a key component of team success: getting gig workers better connected with their perm employee team members. Check it out.

Why LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting never interviews candidates in a conference room

Brendan Browne, LinkedIn’s VP of Global Talent Acquisition, shares the three ways he is improving the candidate interviewing experience at his organisation. What do you think?

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