This Week in Talent (23rd June)

Hello from the land of the sun (QLD).

I write to you today from Noosa, where I am relaxing for a few days before I’m back in Melbourne next week. My partner and I went to Australia Zoo yesterday, where we were attacked by a wallaby. Yes … wallabies hate us, it would seem. We went in for a gentle pat, and it latched itself around my leg and started kicking me with it’s back legs. Then it went for my partner and scratched up his arms. Needless to say … LOLOLOL! There are photos and a video if you’d like to see them … shoot me a message.

One happy addition to my work life this week is the “LOL” emoji reaction on LinkedIn. FINALLY! Before if I had a LOL at something on LinkedIn, the closest emoji to match my feelings was the love heart … followed closely by the curiosity lightbulb. Or just write “LOL” in the comments. None of which sufficiently expressed my LOL feelings and reactions that an emoji truly does.

Admittedly, because I’ve been on holidays the “LOL” react emoji is the only semi-work-related update I have for you this week. Keeping it short and sweet this week 😉

I’m off to Movie World tomorrow to go on all the rides, eat all the hot chips and buy all the Harry Potter merch. I cannot stress enough how much I love rides, playing, and fun. If you do too … you must come to our next ATC Event in November at LUNA PARK IN SYDNEY! Rides and talent … WHOOP! 🎡

Employers are offering big incentives to attract and retain staff

The battle of the benefits … although, this article highlights that benefits don’t need to be extravagant. They can be as simple as flexibility …

Why monitoring employees – inside and outside the office – is rocketing anxiety

In news that will surprise absolutely no one …

Gen Z is growing up and burning out

Interesting article that shines a light on how the Gen Z peeps are feeling, what they want, and how to avoid burning them out!

Job descriptions for managers need to change

What is needed from a manager has changed drastically over the last 2-3 years. Should we be updating our PD’s to incorporate what is needed? I think yes!

Calls to force Australian companies to publicly reveal gender pay gap

After the gender pay gap Twitter bot took the UK, and the world, by storm earlier this year on International Women’s Day there are calls for Australian companies to reveal their own gender pay gaps in a bid to start improving them!

Global Hiring Guide: Top Emerging Tech Hubs


The tech talent market is ultra-competitive, which is why so many businesses are opting for a global recruitment strategy. This eBook comes in handy especially if you’re not quite sure where to start!

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