This Week in Talent (20th July)

Greetings from Mulwala, NSW. I am visiting one of the sites that I support and love making the trip to a truly beautiful part of the word. Really! Image search Mulwala and you will find countless photos of sunsets over a lake. I had intended to craft a post outlining difficulty in getting back in the swing of TA after a week off but I got inspired; I was speaking to a stakeholder regarding a position we will have to attract somebody to relocate for where they shared how a close regional council, Albury City Shire, has a great Instagram page that shares updates and stories in many ways; including memes.

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Social media, even in regional centres, is vital to sharing information. In addition, local community groups can foster a sense of community. A shining example is the Moira Shire Council in Victoria, which is leveraging short videos to highlight local businesses and organisations thriving within their community. How does this relate to Talent Acquisition? We often craft so many messages about the organisations we support and the locations we work in when we have local government also demonstrating their communities on Social Media.

When making the lifestyle shift, people need to make a connection to the community they plan to be apart of. Marking off suitable local services is just a part of the equation; they need to find a community that is supportive and a reflection of their values. In exploring what the local councils are doing in and around the areas I support, I found some amazing initiatives that Local Councils have made to make the community feel represented. One example is from The City of Sterling’s, Kaleidoscope initiative. This Perth Council highlighted that 30% of its 230k population were born overseas and worked with local businesses to mentor new arrivals to the area to assist with improving their job readiness.

Through captivating stories and visual content, potential talent from outside the region gain a glimpse into the unique lifestyle, cultural events, recreational opportunities, and natural beauty that make these areas so appealing. Such insights create a powerful attraction for skilled professionals seeking a work-life balance and a supportive community.

I’ll leave you to watch this video from an NSW State Government imitative, Our Regional NSW.

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