This week in talent (20th January)

This week in talent 20th Jan

Well hello there, Twitters!

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

It’s that time of year where we prepare for our year ahead, and start getting bombarded with 2022 recruitment predictions, trends and forecasts! Not sure about you, but some things are putting the fear of god into me. Some trends are fun, but some are seriously depressing (aka … ongoing talent shortages, the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffle). If you haven’t had a read yet – check out Kevin Wheeler’s 2022 trend predictions here.

I would love to chat to anyone who has exciting, ambitious plans for the year ahead. Maybe you’re increasing your head count to incorporate the huge search and attraction efforts that will take place this year, maybe you’re actually downsizing and relying more on agencies to assist you with resourcing? Reach out so we can pick your brain and share some hints and tips with our fellow TWIT’s!

NQR (Not Quite Recruitment) – I really enjoyed reading this. If you read my musings from last week you’ll know I’m on a journey of mental wellness this year. More holidays, more rest/breaks, higher quality of work (not quantity), less stress. Zen AF Jody. SO … I’ll obviously share all the insightful, fun and exciting things I discover that might make your life a bit more zen as well.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and the article selection curated for you below 😊

Australia’s job vacancies boom as Omicron causes HR stress

Can COVID just rack off now, please? Thanks. (In all seriousness … it’s here for a while to go yet, so keep masking, vaxxing and washing those grubby little hands of yours).

International students allowed to work more hours to help ease COVID worker shortage

Handy info to know for anyone that is open to employing people on student visa’s (or maybe you’re reading this and you’re on one!)

Being neurodiverse is not a barrier to success, but traditional job interviews might be

Are your interview processes and tools accessible for everyone? This article delves into some really cool work the Dept of Education in QLD is doing to ‘disrupt’ the typical interview process. Of course I’ll be reaching out to someone from DEQ to see whose brain I can pick about this 😉

5 Research-Backed Strategies for Building an Ethical Culture at Work

Just because the world is ending, doesn’t mean we can’t keep striving to be even more ethical in the way we work! I love these strategies – they’re simple, but effective. Incorporating some of these it won’t only be beneficial to building an ethical culture, but employee engagement and psychological safety would go through the roof. Who doesn’t want that?!

JPMorgan Chase says bank won’t pay it’s unvaccinated workers

It’s dire straits out there at the moment for the unvaxxed. It literally pays to get the jibby jab 😉

9 Recruitment Trends For 2022

Our good friends at PageUp want to share their latest trend findings with you, and there’s some goodies in there. They are experts in recruitment, so take a gander and better prepare for whatever 2022 has to throw at you!

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