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Hello and welcome TWIT folks!

Some of you might know me as Sandra Lim, a.k.a. Slim Shady! Thank you ATC for letting me get in touch with my inner writer. Once upon a time, I used to run a food and travel blog (it’s still up, but with zero updates), but if you’re keen on salivating over pictures of food, you can follow me on instagram.

Work wise, I head up the Talent team at PaperCut Software. PaperCut has been around for over 25 years within the print management software industry and we’re going through a period of transformation, and it’s all very exciting. We often say that we are the most exciting company working in the most boring part of IT. My team looks after all things talent, including recruitment, employment branding, internal mobility and talent mapping, succession planning, and benefits.

For the month of June, I’ll be playing the role of your guest editor, and boy has the month started off with a bang already (for those in Melbourne, we survived another earthquake! Huzzah!). The on-going conversations on ChatGPT and related AI technology are still pretty hot topics, as have been the conversations around the banks mandating their employees to be at the office more.

Something else that seems to be increasing is the amount of spam and scam related content coming through social media and WhatsApp through fake job opportunities and job offers. How can you ensure that you’re not falling for one of these elaborate scams? Remember, if it’s too easy, or too good to be true, it’s usually not real. Always do your own research, and contact the company, or recruiter directly through official websites to double check.

May 27th to June 3rd also marks the National Reconciliation Week here in Australia, with the theme in 2023 being, “Be a Voice for Generations”, encouraging all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in tangible ways in our everyday lives, be it at work or at play.

So for this week, I wanted to focus your attention on how we can be more purposeful, and aware of the way we can influence and be a voice for those that face discrimination, to those that battle every day to be heard. Let’s all try to lead with empathy.

CBA mandates office return by mid-July

If you’ve not been following this piece of news, jump on it now. I’ve been following The Aussie Corporate on Instagram for all the latest and juiciest gossip and leaks on what CBA employees really feel about this move.

Lawyer apologises for fake court citations from ChatGPT

To anyone fearing that ChatGPT is there to take away our jobs, you might be right! But for the wrong reasons. If you are using AI technology to help you with your work, remember to always fact check outside of the tool you are using to ensure that what the AI is telling you is in fact real.

Why AI can’t do hiring

Here’s another take on why AI can’t take away our jobs in Talent as yet (phew!). The bad news, AI sounds just like us humans, flawed and intrinsically unable to differentiate bias. I love how AI can help make my job a lot easier, taking away the administrative burden such as writing draft policies, composing inmail messages, interview scheduling, and so forth. But like with all technology, I believe this works hand in hand with human interaction.

LinkedIn rolls out job ad verifications

In April, Linkedin announced new, free ways that recruiters and job seekers can verify their accounts. This of course does not help with the scammers coming through other forms of social media or communication tools. Even the FBI has issued a warning about fake job adverts and job offers with the increase of deepfake technology. Always be wary, and do your research.

13 Great ways to Celebrate National Reconciliation Week In The Workplace

This is an older article, but the content in here is still very relevant! I would love to hear how your workplaces acknowledge National Reconciliation Week, and what are some of the significant impacts you’ve seen from this.

How to Acknowledge Country in a meaningful way

I was following a reddit thread recently on some workplaces, perhaps taking the Acknowledgement of Country as a tick box exercise and perhaps paying lip-service.

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