This Week In Talent (1st July)

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

Hi! Happy Thursdays!

This week I’ve found myself feeling very thankful for being allowed to travel outside of Melbourne again. I just had a long weekend away with friends in Kyneton, and now I’m feeling very loved up  and happy and zen and (slightly) hungover. Ahhh so good to not be in lockdown anymore.

On the flip side – my heart goes out to everyone around Aus experiencing some form of COVID lockdown restrictions at the moment, particularly Sydney. I love you Sydney! You will get through this – you’ll be able to have your own weekends away with friends before you know it!

Something that blew my mind this week (and made me really jealous) is seeing Cara Delevingne’s LA home from the inside. What a babe, and her house is legit the home of my dreams. It has a ball pit, Gucci wallpaper, a see through piano, a hidden vagina tunnel, bunk beds (omg), a David Bowie bathroom, a David Lynch inspired poker room, indoor swings, multiple in-ground trampolines … the list goes on. OHHHH if only I had millions and millions of dollars – DAMMIT!

Something else I’ve been vibing is this TikTok account that removes music from music videos. Here is ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice without music … trust me, it’s good.

Hope y’all have a good week <3

Federal Government To Introduce Paid Miscarriage Leave

This has been blasted all over the news cycle recently, and for good reason! A small step to acknowledging that women’s health issues matter, and giving parents the space to grieve without worrying about their perception at work. I tried to find info online as to whether this policy requires someone to identify as female? Of course, it’s not only people that identify as female that can give birth and may require access to this type of leave (if you know the answer to this please reach out and let me know!)

6 in 10 Australian women of colour experience discrimination at work

A stark reminder that discrimination against people of colour in the workplace is still very much real, whether we like it or not. Things you think might be innocent compliments or banter might actually be hurtful to our POC friends and work mates. It’s also disappointing that such a large number of people still don’t see any sort of diversity in senior positions within their organisations. Have you ever actually considered your own privilege? It’s an exercise that everyone should do once in a while. Here’s a test I found online – give it a go!

The War For Talent And Great Resignation Puts HR Professionals and Chief Remote Work Officers In High Demand

It’s tough out there for HR and TA peeps at the moment – it’s getting harder and harder to find good talent, including in our own field of work. On another note, the emergence of a new type of role in the remote work space is starting to happen. It makes sense to have someone in your workplace that heads up ‘remote work’, because there are so many intricacies and equity issues that come with remote working. Phew – whadda time to be alive!

D&I is not a threat to the average person, if they are the best at their job

A spicy LinkedIn post from Dr Bree Gorman, with an equally good comments section. What do you say to people that say “we should treat everyone the same”, or people that say things like “I don’t see colour”? As Bree states in this post … if we simply started treating everyone equally then we’d still be unequal because we haven’t addressed all the obstacles we’ve put in the way for people that are different from us. Check our Bree’s LinkedIn profile for more juicy D&I content.

The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now

A LinkedIn article, with statistics based on job posts on their site. Interesting to see retail and store associates making a rapid comeback – perhaps the pandemic made people miss the old school IRL retail experience, and people are sick of online shopping?

Kill The 5-Day Work Week

Tech company Buffer last year gave all their employees a day off every week without reducing pay … as an experiment. What they found was that employees were getting the same amount of work done in 4 days that they did in 5. So the experiment continues. Love love love this idea.

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