This Week in Talent (19th May)

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This past week has been an interesting one at work … people are dropping like flies! There’s some sort of super-flu going around Melbourne right now, AND a huge resurgence in COVID. I’m thankfully not feeling my COVID hangover anymore, but it took a good 5 weeks for me to finally feel normal again. Keep up those Vitamin C tablets, peeps!

I’m catching up with someone later this week that reached out to me on LinkedIn saying she was feeling really downtrodden about her job hunting journey. She has ended up in a place where she is starting to doubt her own abilities and feels as though she may never find a job she really wants to do, and as such … will never be happy. Which makes me SO sad.

Her situation escalating the way it has all boils down to one simple fact – recruiters not communicating properly. Every time she has reached out for feedback on her application, if she gets a response (and that’s a massive IF) it’s something really unhelpful like “we think you’re great, but someone else was better this time” or “your experience is interesting, however culturally there is a mismatch”. How does that help her grow? It just makes her frustrated and sad.

I’m not saying it always has to be a full 30-minute debrief and in-depth discussion … but taking 2 minutes to provide her with some real feedback so she can tweak her application next time would literally make the world of difference to her. She is CRAVING some constructive feedback, and she’s just not getting it.

Another one of my pet peeves is professional ghosting. I wrote an article about it a little while back because it was happening ALL THE TIME to everyone I spoke to. We recruiters don’t realise the damage our messaging (or lack-there-of) can have on someone’s confidence and self-esteem. Not bothering to get back to somebody is just lazy, disrespectful, and gross. Definitely don’t be that person.

If a candidate reaches out to you for some feedback – be honest with them! Give them a call or an email and give them a couple of areas to work on for next time. In this market, don’t we want people to go away and work on themselves and then apply again? 100% YES!

Rant over – enjoy the rest of your week!

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Ummm don’t do this

This is literally unacceptable.

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