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Jody Smith
Jody Smith

Lockdown – AM I RIIIIIGHT?! I lead a little team of 5 and I tell you what – it’s bloody rough being a leader at the moment in lockdown. We are super, duper busy – and trying to keep the team feeling positive, enthusiastic and motivated is really hard when you can’t even trick YOURSELF into feeling those things. I’ve been very open with my team about my feelings – but it had me thinking … where do you draw the line as a leader? Because I don’t want to depress everyone, and I’m not fishing for sympathy … but I feel my team should know why I’m not my usual bubbly self some days. Everything just sucks at the moment, and some days I struggle to do my gratitude exercises and focus on positives. Some days … I just want to roll around in the “this suuuucks” feeling.

Some little things getting me through day-to-day:

  • Short 10-minute meditations when I wake up – I find it easier to meditate first thing in the morning before I’ve even gotten out of bed because my brain hasn’t switched into productivity mode yet. I use Insight Timer – this is one of my favourite guided morning meds!
  • Exercise – mainly using the Les Mills app which isn’t free but you can sign up for a free trial! They have lots of workouts that don’t need equipment like this one – it’s gross, but makes you feel amazing after
  • Morning check-ins and banter with my team
  • Walking to get coffee from my local cafe
  • AND (until yesterday when a group of people ruined it for everyone) Friday afternoon takeaway cocktails whilst walking my dog Eric.

Would love to hear what other people are doing to stay positive and motivated, particularly as a leader? Do you have a go-to mantra, or a fun activity you do in your team meetings? Tell me!

TA Tinder update – last week I caught up with a TA Manager from Sydney who had read about TA Tinder and how it helped us spice up our Ambassador program. We chatted about all things ambassadors, and then I linked her up with the original person who I’d gotten all my Ambassador inspo from! TA TINDER RULES! So hit me up if you have a project you’re working on that you want to pick someone’s brain about, or your stuck on something, or you have an idea you want to bounce of someone in another TA role. It works!!

Hope you all have as good a week as you possibly can – and please do reach out to me if you have any TA leadership advice you want to pass on about “how to stay happy at work” or something like that … I need it! =P

Digital Jobs – Building Victoria’s Digital Workforce

Okay this is REALLY really cool. What an awesome initiative by the Victorian Government to combat the tech/digital skills shortage – if you’re a mid-career professional looking for a career change and wanting to try something new … check this out! OR if you want to know what to do about your own skills shortage … check this out!

5 Ways The Hybrid Workplace Can Make Companies More Inclusive

Not only is hybrid working great for diversity and accessibility, but the virtual workplace has also been rad for diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring process! I never thought about how crappy it would’ve been to be a disabled person trying to get to an in-person interview on time, or perhaps you’re someone trying to juggle a job and looking after the kids. The new virtual workplace is breaking down those barriers and I am LIVING for it!

How Much Does Location Matter For Hiring In 2021

Interesting article that weighs up the pros and cons of hiring someone that works remotely!

Five Lessons The Pandemic Has Taught Us About The Future Of Work

This article is a little bit old (from Feb) but the lessons are still the same, AND Feb only seems like yesterday to be honest. It’s amazing how much things have changed since the pandemic started. I still can’t believe that it’s happening to be honest … so weird to think that this time 2 years ago I was nervous about asking my boss if I could work from home for a week because we were dog-sitting a pup that had explosive diarrhoea. NOW look at us! If we can take some positives away from all of this, then I’m in.

A Robot Rejected Your Job Application … Or Did It Really?

A job search coach runs through all the weird mis-truths his clients have told him about the mystical “ATS”, and debunks them all. I do some job search coaching on the side, and I have heard similar things. The people I meet with (candidates) are always so confused about all the things they’ve heard about the recruitment process – I feel terrible for them. It’s our job as talent professionals to clear that up for them (and provide genuine unsuccessful feedback so that they don’t just think a robot rejected them for a poor-quality CV).

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