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Good morning, everyone!

Welcome to this week’s TWIT. It’s part science, part magic, sugar free and proven to grow your Talent function.

This week I’m focusing on the one and only ATC Talent Advisory Conference which brought together over 130 Talent professions for a jam packed day filled with insight and learning on how to shift your Talent function from Talent Acquisition—order taking, service provider—to Talent Advisory—a true partner offering a multichannel approach, encompassing internal mobility, external recruitment, borrowing or loaning talent, and automation.

Some of the key themes from the day included:

  • How important it is for Talent Advisors to understand the business strategy for the function they support and key drivers/ORKs/measures that executives and leaders are being held accountable for; “If you don’t understand your business strategy, how can you enable your business to do what’s needed from a talent perspective?”
  • Gaining buy-in from the C-suite by talking their language, presenting data that aligns with what they care about, and measuring the c-suite experience.
  • The highly talked about 4Bs (buy, build, borrow, bot) and presenting options for solving a problem, not just replacing ‘like for like’.
  • Never under-estimating the value of good data and how it can help you prove out the value TA can deliver.
  • Internal mobility being championed and celebrated as part of your EVP; it shouldn’t be easier for your people to have meaningful career conversations externally than it is internally!

There was a fantastic panel, a working session on structuring your talent function, an assessment of your Talent Advisory maturity and a Talent Advisory board game, plus more! Huge thanks to Jo VohlandTrevor VasSimon Townsend and the rest of the ATC team for another great TA event.

If you couldn’t attend, make sure you keep an eye out next year!

From Talent Acquisition to Talent Advisory

If you missed the conference, this whitepaper is the next best thing. Full of wisdom and insights on how to make the shift and the skills required to build a strong Talent Advisory practice.

LinkedIn’s May Global Talent Trends Report

Hiring rates continue to decline in many countries around the world in March 2023 vs same place last year, in Australia we decreased 35%. Despite this, internal mobility is trending upwards, however employees in Australia are still more likely to consider leaving their company than to look for an internal move.

Australian and New Zealander employees don’t want flexible jobs – they want flexible careers

It’s amazing how much easier it seems to be for an external recruiter have a conversation with your employees about their career than it is to do it internally! A recent survey found that 85% of respondents said they would consider staying for internal career opportunities.

Assessment to ensure success in Talent Advisory

Wondering if you have the skills to work in Talent Advisory? Find out what the key skills, traits and competencies are and have a think about how your skills compare.

Internal mobility and why do you need it

Our internal mobility hires have increased dramatically recently, freeing up more time to focus on Talent Advisory activities (speed is just one benefit of internal mobility).

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report 2023

Sadly there are indicators arising to suggest companies are putting less focus on DEI amid economic challenges. These companies are seeing weaker performance, lower engagement and are less likely to meet customer needs. We can’t take the foot of the peddle here!

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