This Week in Talent (18 Oct)

What happens when a Front End Developer creates a chat bot to manage recruiter (aka YOUR) spam? How can you up your procurement negotiation skills using techniques from a kidnap response consultant? And what can you do to make your brain retain information better? Check out what we else we’ve found for you this week!
Enjoy these musings!

5 keys to a killer recruitment marketing strategy

Does your recruitment marketing strategy need a shot in the arm? Give at least one of these ideas a go folks.

How I created a bot that talked to recruiters for me

Talk about a genius, this Front End Developer has created a bot to stop recruiter spam. Which made us think about our current tech Talent attraction strategies. What are some of your most effective approaches?

4 negotiation lessons from a kidnap response consultant

Great article from Alexandru Butiri on how to apply kidnap negotiation strategies onto any procurement negotiation. Think of all the times you’ve had to negotiate with ruthless and uncompromising vendors and suppliers. It’s a must read.

Amazon scraps ‘sexist’ AI hiring tool

A very timely reminder of what might happen if we rely completely on historical hiring data to train our bots.

Researchers create new font designed to boost your memory

Need to commit something to memory? Switch fonts. Researchers at RMIT University have developed the Sans Forgetica font, which is intentionally challenging to read so that it helps you retain information. Test it yourself by installing the Chrome extension that converts any on-screen text to Sans Forgetica. Let us know if it works! 😉

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