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Note From The Editor

On the back of International Women’s Day last week I am buzzing from the amazing stories i heard from women in my own organisation, and across the globe. On the flip side, the horrific crimes against women that have been all over the news recently have completely exhausted me. All week I’ve been a mix of angry, tired, frustrated, sad. At the end of the day, the past week’s events have inspired me to do better in my talent acquisition role. I will challenge decisions that don’t involve a mix of genders, salary recommendations that perpetuate the gender wage gap, and educate everyone around me on the same. It’s the least I can do! I challenge anyone reading this to start thinking “what can I do to challenge the diversity status quo today?” (Refer to Dr Bree Gorman’s article with the downloadable recruiter checklist for some handy D&I action items).

Would love to hear your stories … hit me up on LinkedIn!

Four causes of Zoom fatigue and their simple fixes

If you’re anything like me, you’re in back to back meetings a lot. The novelty of staring at myself all day long has well and truly worn off. After a big day of virtual meetings, you’ll often find me napping on the couch – exhausted … with an empty bottle of red wine somewhere nearby. This article details the 4 main causes of video conferencing fatigue with tips to help address the issues.

How To Continue The Journey As An Ally At Work

Being an ally in the workplace, and championing anti-racism, should be a never-ending journey. This article goes through some things you can do daily to ensure you continue to be that person that stands up for what is right and creates space for diverse voices.

Amazon Web Services Leader Shares Top Advice For Young POC In The Workforce

Deidra Thorpe is a global sales leader at AWS, and works tirelessly to ensure Amazon’s workforce is diverse and people feel supported in that space (aka clean up your background first before trying to attract diverse talent). Throughout her career, Deidra was often the only black person AND only woman in the room. In this article she offers her advice to young people who might find themselves in the same situation in the workplace.

Why you should hire for culture add

I’ve heard lots of people spruiking about culture add … but do people actually know how to hire that way? It seems awesome in theory, but when it comes down to it I’d love to hear some stories of people hiring someone they actually thought wouldn’t “fit” traditionally with the team and how it went. This article lists the massive benefits of hiring for culture add, and some things to keep in mind when doing so.

The Inclusive AF Podcast

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a little while, and it’s a staple in my “Listen Now” library now. Jackye Clayton and Katee Van Horn work in the DEI space, and interview others in those spaces to discuss issues facing underrepresented groups in the workforce. I love it! Subscribe to this podcast. That’s all.

3 ways to build equal workforces as COVID-19 dents women’s career prospects

Yep we went backwards last year in our fight to improve gender equality in the workplace, but we (as talent leaders) can’t take out foot of the pedal now. This article details 3 ways to improve your gender diversity in the workplace (cis gender diversity, that is) – because as talent leaders, we hold the keys to the business and we ultimately influence who enters and who doesn’t.

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