This Week in Talent (18th August)

Going through the news of the past few weeks you couldn’t be blamed for thinking we are in some sort of Truman show simulation. I mean when you have ScoMo secretly signing himself up for more responsibility and becoming every boss’ dream employee, you have to start to wonder.

I mean I wish everyone I had hired was like ScoMo, not only doing his own job poorly but secretly signing himself up for multiple other jobs, assumingly to do equally as poorly. What a workhorse!

Then what do you do when the founder of a failed commercial property company comes up with a new property product company? Give him US$350m of course! What could be a safer and more logical person to invest in? I’m getting my checkbook ready too.

Finally some good news when you see unemployment at a near 50 year low but then the next story is showing why I’m still scared of the robots taking over the world.

How has your wardrobe changed with the shift to WFH? I for one, haven’t bought a pair of hard pants in 2 years and even in Canberra they are ditching their ties. Are we set for a world of comfort first?

If you need somewhere to go to navigate this topsy turvey world and figure out the future of work and hiring, check out Indeed’s FutureWorks event featuring key speakers like Ted Lasso star and Co-Creator Jason Sudeikis.

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