This Week in Talent (17th August)

Hey all! Welcome to mid-August – time is flyyyyying out the door and things are still moving at rapid speed. Hope you’re all trying to find time to pause this week and just take a deep breath.

I’ve been having to do a few of these moments in the last week. My oldest went off for her first big girl camp this week and I was left with “It’s ok mummy, you don’t need to stay, I have my friends here. I’ll be fine”. (Ouch). Was not expecting this moment to come around so quickly! I mean she’s only eight and we’re already not required to hang around for big moments or make a fuss?!?! She’s still a baby – right?? Right?!

The speed of change really hit me like a freight train in that moment. I had to stop for a second, keep it together and just own the fact that it’s happening. It’s going to keep happening and I just need to breathe and get with the program.

Adapting to change isn’t an easy part of life though, is it? We are, for the most part, creatures of habit, we like to keep the familiar and comfortable close to us. Sometimes some people adapt faster than others, but the world continues to move on at ridiculous speeds as we all try to keep up.

Take a look at what’s happening in the world of AI for example – it’s come at us as such pace, it’s hard to believe it was only a blip of an idea this time last year. It’s traversed across so many aspects of our roles and industries forcing us to either adapt, learn new ways of working with the tech, or be left behind. It’s inevitable. However, trying to understand the technology and how it could be utilised in effective ways within your teams will make you all the better for it. It’s not the first time we’ve been faced with significant changes and adapted, and it definitely won’t be the last!

Take for example the movie Hidden Figures (if you’ve not seen it yet, I highly recommend you do!), which shows an example of an ‘at-risk’ team adapting to technological changes of their time. The team who ran the background math that drove NASA, feared they’d be replaced by the new IBM machines coming out at that time. So, they decided to pick up their IBM manuals and learn the technology instead. A good metaphor for what’s happening with AI today and how those who adapt will thrive in days to come!

TL;DR: AI isn’t going to replace people – but people who use AI are eventually going to replace the people who don’t.

I’m not saying it doesn’t come without its flaws, as all AI models have inherent biases that are representative of the datasets they are currently trained on. However, I truly believe it will evolve to remove these biases as the technology becomes more refined.

This is a significant evolution of technology we’re currently experiencing, and I feel we should at least be prepared to adapt with the changes and embrace the new roles or opportunities that would result from this shift. So, this week I’ve made it a focus on showcasing articles that delve into both sides of the AI conundrum and some information to better understand the impacts and future uses of it. Enjoy!

Ps. Don’t forget there’s a Volume Hiring webinar facilitated by ATC in partnership with Paradox taking place next Tuesday 22nd August.

Roblox’s new career centre

Roblox’s virtual career centre – hiring completely via their Roblox platform.

Humans are biased. Generative AI is even worse.

Take a look into Bloomberg’s visual deep dive of the magnitude of biases in Generative AI!

AI Regulations Hit New York City Employers

AI has an important role in automating administrative hiring tasks, as long as it doesn’t make final calls.

AI Delegation: The One Skill You Will Need To Succeed In The Future

Interesting read on what skills would be needed to succeed in the future…. mastering AI delegation.

Is AI opening a Pandora’s Box?

“Pondering the nature of artificial intelligence and responsibility – delving into the philosophical depths of AI”.

Beyond Hype: Getting the Most Out of Generative AI in Healthcare Today.

Deep dive into Generative AI use cases and impacts in the healthcare industry. Fascinating to see what it could be used for in the future and endless potential!

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