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I hope you’re reading this from the comfort of your couch under a cosy blanket … or from your lovely, ‘20 degrees all year-round’ office. This week I’ve been binge-watching ‘Everything I Know About Love’ on Stan, and I just started reading the book Jasper Jones that I found at a second-hand book fair recently. I’m going to Brisbane this week, and up to Noosa next week … and won’t be back for 10 days and I can’t wait. Life is pretty darn good right now, tbh.

So I was chatting to my friend Reanna Browne this week (she’s a Work Futurist which is legit the coolest job in the world). I was picking her brains about all things future – my worries about the future of work and the economy, my worries about what my career will look like in a few years’ time, and my worries about asteroids hitting Earth. In hindsight … it was a therapy session and I really should have paid her like I do my Psychologist.

Reanna is a fountain of wisdom, and talking to her helped put my worries into perspective. I thought I’d share some of my key takeaways with you now …

  • The next 10 years are going to be pretty turbulent, and no one can be really certain of anything. Anything could happen, so if you’ve been thinking about doing something (a course at Uni, a holiday, a career change, a gap year etc) now is as good a time as any to just do it.
  • If Australia heads into a recession and your job happens to become redundant, it won’t happen overnight and be a surprise. There are 20 steps before that happens, there will be signs and red flags, and you will have time to pivot and make plans.
  • There is a risk in making changes to your life now, but there are also risks when you do nothing. Doing nothing is a choice, and has its own risks to mental, physical, and career health.
  • There is a chance that an asteroid will hit Earth one day, and all of this will be meaningless. The future of work … won’t be a thing LOL (yes … this is an irrational fear of mine).

The key takeaway I got was that EVERYTHING is a risk. Doing nothing is a risk, doing something is a risk. Staying where you are and not changing your situation because you think it’s “safe” is its own risk. It’s about weighing up the risk vs. reward and making the most informed decision that you can.

Speaking of risk vs. reward … do you like rides? Do you like talent acquisition? Well, have I got good news for you! Rides and Talent will finally be amalgamated at Luna Park in Sydney. We’re holding ATC2022 there, and you should really take that risk and reward yourself with a ticket! 😉

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