This Week in Talent (14th September)

I’m just going to kick off by saying that I emphatically LOVE our Recruitment & Talent Industry Community!

Greetings again from another sunny Queensland week everyone, Tracy’s month of love for all things September continues with a huge shout out to the Internal Talent Awards double-trouble duo of Lauren & Craig for putting on the industry awards event of the year last week. It was an amazing celebration of all things TA & Recruitment and coincided perfectly & appropriately with Global TA Day. Great to catch up with so many industry friends & congratulations again to all the well-deserving winners & finalists.

All the TA celebrations got me thinking about some of the key capabilities that underpin our roles and what we do. My story is similar to that of the majority no doubt; that we didn’t choose this TA life (it chose us ha ha) many of us ‘fell into’ recruiting or TA, found that we were not so baddish at it and the rest, is history…

There is no doubt though that our roles are multi-layered, no two days are ever the same, we wear many hats, juggle many balls, fight many fires…the list of anecdotes goes on. The payoff is that we literally get to change lives along the way, impacting on someone’s career for the better and this is no small responsibility.

So how can we set ourselves up for success to do what we do? (whilst protecting our sanity along the way too…??) Here are some of my top TA capability-boosting tips:

  • Keep Learning: None of us fall into recruiting with all the answers (or even knowing what we are supposed to be doing…) we should constantly seek to elevate, evolve & keep our knowledge current – it’s a trade-off between being too busy & making time to learn & upskill continuously so that we are enabled & empowered to deliver. And let’s not forget our Hiring Managers, we all have a role to play in the process so think coaching, guiding & influencing them also to reach that successful hiring outcome, together.
  • Embrace Data: And leverage it as often as we can to tell and sell our stories, there’s no more effective way to boost credibility and showcase those TA SME skills.
  • Keep it Simple: Access to the tools we need to help set us up for success should be straightforward & easy to find – create a ‘one stop shop’ for you & your team where your key resources are curated & shared. This doesn’t have to be flash & complicated (think SharePoint site or Teams/Slack channels) and it doesn’t always need to be filled to the brim with the latest whizzbang fancy tech (less can sometimes be more!)
  • Celebrate the Wins: Look we know that what we do is not for the faint-hearted, we are a very resilient bunch us TA folks! With so many highs & lows, ensuring we go above & beyond to celebrate our successes, recognise our accomplishments & shine a spotlight on those hard-fought wins is a vital enabler for our collective success.

To wrap, check out some of the other things around the interwebs that that caught my attention this week – hope you enjoy!

Why Recruiter Enablement & Capability is important

Industry guru Adam Gordon has been on a one-man-mission lately to shine a spotlight on this largely overlooked but key component of the Recruiter role – in the past several months he’s spoken to almost 100 TA professionals from all over (myself included) about what it means to them – check out the dedicated YouTube channel here for some bona fide pearls of TA wisdom.

5 Ways Beyoncé is the Queen of Learning, Development & Growth

Don’t just take my word for it when it comes to capability & growth lessons, Queen Bey herself articulates all of this in a much cooler way than I & there’s no shortage of her lyrics that speak to the role that learning & development can play in the quest for success.

6 Soft Skills Recruiters will need in the Age of AI

Cool tech alone is not enough when it comes hiring and in spite of what some of the futurists proclaim, I don’t believe that AI & automation will eventually replace recruiters. Will some parts of what we do get automated/streamlined? Sure, and I welcome anyone taking away the mundane transactional stuff – there will always been a need for us ‘people-people’ though – here are some of the capabilities that we can start fine tuning to survive the machines takeover & remain indispensable.

How hybrid work contributes to burnout

The growth of hybrid work has brought a new level of stressors & challenges for many folks trying to figure out how best to navigate & manage it fairly & consistently – Hear from a HR leader at Queensland Health as she discusses personal challenges and shares some tips for managing mental health and wellbeing.

Are You Ok?

Continuing the important discussion about mental health, here’s a date for your calendar this week (& let’s face it, every week) R U OK?Day (Thursday 14 September) is a national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that any day is the day to ask and that a conversation can change a life. A timely reminder in our stressful roles & lives to keep checking in on our peeps and importantly to actively listen, & always lead with kindness.

Qantas found to have Illegally moved jobs offshore during the pandemic.

Our embattled national carrier has issued its first ever apology to workers & is facing a potential mammoth compensation bill after losing it’s High Court bid to overturn a ruling that it illegally outsourced 1,700 ground crew jobs in breach of the Fair Work Act. Joyce may have has already left the building, but it will be interesting to see what the rest of the board do now to help restore public confidence in one of the country’s biggest employers.

The Essential Guide to Employment Contracts 2023 – FREE Webinar

The ever-evolving employment law landscape in Aus means we all need to keep a finger on the pulse when it comes to ensuring our all-important employment contracts are current, compliant & fit for purpose. The team at LiveHire have invited some Legal eagles from WMD Law to share their expertise on all the necessary must-know employer obligations.

Melbourne Recruitment Meetup – Acing Employer Branding on a Budget

Fresh off their big award win for Social Consciousness at last week’s ITAs, our good friends at Melbourne Recruitment Meetup are backing up with another of their legendary events next week – Thursday 21st September. Essential attendance for anyone seeking to amplify your employer brand even with limited resources & budget – RSVP to secure a spot & join the gang for an evening of insights, fun, and of course pizza & beer!

Be a Talent Groupie 👕

Did someone say MERCH??? Another plug this week in case you missed it with ALL the excitement – last week saw the exciting launch of the Talent Community Merch Online Store thanks to Nathan & the team at SwagNSend!

Anyone can jump online anytime & for a small cost, support & rep your favourite Talent Community group from the 10 participating including: ATC, Brisbane Rec Meet Up, Circle Back Initiative, Melbourne Rec Meet Up, Rubberband, Strivin, Sydney Talent Meet Up, TADU, Talent Table, TaPod.

Snap up some new cool threads before they sell out folks!

How Dentsu creates realistic job previews

A great case study showcasing how internal advertising company Dentsu used Vervoe to create realistic job previews and simulations, improving their speed and quality of hire 5x and reducing attrition from 70% to 2%.

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