This Week In Talent (13 May)

Note From The Editor

With all the fantastic opportunities and talent available in the market at the moment, this week we decided to use the ‘This Week In Talent’ space to showcase some of that talent. There are honestly some real goodies there for you to check out if you’re looking for someone to join your talent team – all are open to being approached, so hit them up on LinkedIn and say g’day!

On another note – our 10 Days of Talent event is FAST APPROACHING – yikes! It’s gonna be so much fun. Obviously, if you haven’t got your tickets yet get amongst that ASAP. If you can’t attend the main 3 day event, we have lots of smaller (and more affordable) events for you to get involved with. I’ll be at heaps of them – in particular, the Friday drinks. Anyone that knows me knows I am partial to a vino on a Friday (even though I do personal training on Saturday mornings … my trainer is used to me rocking up a bit stinky with a hangover).

Everyone have a great rest of the week!

Half of Aussies/Kiwis ready to quit jobs that aren’t flexible

EY conducted a survey recently around flexibility both in hours and where people work – and the results are in! Flexibility is important, and companies with inflexible working conditions will start to fall behind in the fight for top talent – most candidates consider flexibility more important than salary!

Using AI To Gain More ‘Human’ Insight Into Remote Team Sentiment

Using AI to assess employee mood, stress levels, friction between coworkers and burnout levels … could be useful for remote teams, but how do we feel about these tools being embedded in our Slack and email accounts?

Quiet People In Meetings Are Incredible

As a loud person in general, but especially in meetings, I’m offended by this article whilst at the same time finding it really insightful. If you’re a loudy (like me) it’s important to pay attention and hold space for the quieter people in your team, because they are invaluable and often don’t have the opportunity to contribute.

Honest Health Truths I Wish I Knew Earlier

Yep this is NQR (not quite recruitment) related – BUT we all need healthy bodies and minds and brains to DO recruitment better. So it’s kinda related? Anyway I liked this article. Everyone should follow Joe Holder’s instagram page called “Exercise Snacks” – he posts lots of short (5-10 min) desk based workouts which I’m a fan of.


This week we decided to showcase some of the talent on the market in Australia at the moment – the people below are on the lookout for their next gig, and open to being approached. If you’re on the market for your next talent professional, reach out to some of the peeps listed below and show them some love!

Rebecca Powell is an analytical and outcomes-oriented Talent Manager with a proven track record in designing & delivering Talent strategies that reinvigorate the candidate engagement process and bring to life company EVP and culture to internal and external audiences.

Tim Stevens is a senior Talent Advisor based in Sydney with 17+ years of recruiting experience. Tim is experienced in hiring corporate and skills industrial and technical talent.

Shejnaze Biba is an HR transformation, inclusion, diversity, HR and TA professional! Shejnaze is a Melbourne based HR Leader who spent 11 years growing her career and BHP’s HR function.

Neeti Karanth is a human centred TA leader with 10+ years of experience in strategic recruitment and talent operations across APAC. Neeti has hired across broad industry segments such as Banking, FInance, IT, Infrastructure and Higher Education.

Michael Gorman is looking for a gig in Workforce Optimisation – both strategic and tactical “hands on” stuff. If you’re looking for someone to work on reshaping your workforce with agility, BAU refinement, transformation, change and/or projects … get in touch.

Kiran Gaddam is a Melbourne based TA professional, with 13 years’ experience in tech and banking industries.

Aradhana Bakshi is an HR, organisational capability, and D&I professional – based in Melbourne. HR, Org Capability and Diversity & Inclusion.  Melbourne based from June 2021.

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