This Week in Talent (12th August)

Howdy ho! We’re back for another week of “This Week In Talent”, woo hoo!

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

This week in my own talent world – I got called “sweetheart” by a bloke that called up asking about a job I have on. Is there anything more patronising? Answer = maybe … but it really affected me. It made me feel like a little kid – it’s like saying “Awww look at you, you adorable little girl trying to act like you’re all grown up.” I can guarantee that this person doesn’t go around calling random men they’ve never met before “sweetheart”. It got me thinking about gendered language like this, and how inappropriate it is in this day and age – even when well intentioned. Have a read up on gendered language here and why it’s not okay (and could also land someone in hot water at work).

Other than working (which is all we seem to do at the moment thanks to lockdown) I’ve been developing new, unhealthy, hobbies. I wish I could say that I suddenly got addicted to running this lockdown, but alas … I’ve been obsessed with The Sims. My current character (named Jody Smith, obviously) has just gotten married to her lover Emilio and has 2 kids now (named Jody Junior Smith, and Granny Smith). OMG being a mum is hard. How do all the IRL mums do it? I struggle to keep on top of the feeding, bathing, nappy changing, playing, AND get to work on time in a good mood (let alone get any sort of promotion). I was angry that Emilio hadn’t been pulling his weight so I built a wall around him when he had to go to the bathroom and made him pee his pants.

Yes I’m living my life vicariously through my Sims and I don’t care who knows it. The dangerous thing about the Sims though, is it’s even MORE addictive than TikTok. On Sunday afternoon I plopped onto the couch to have a cheeky 1 hour Sims sesh … only for my boyfriend to discover me 5 hours later sitting in the same spot unaware that the day had disappeared and with severe back pain and dry eyes. Then I got really sad that I’d wasted my Sunday, but at the same time I couldn’t stop playing. Wow I have a problem.

One more thing I wanted to share this week, for all the Melbourne peeps out there, is this awesome new app called Yalinguth. It’s this Augmented Reality immersive experience along Gertrude St in Fitzroy – if you live within 5kms of the area, can I recommend doing it on one of your daily lockdown walks? You plug in your headphones on your phone, and it guides you down Gertrude St whilst telling you stories about the area told by Aboriginal Elders, activists and community members. An amazing idea that I hope grows legs and rolls out to other areas of Victoria (and Australia)!

That’s it from me this week. Hope you’re all okay and coping through the various lockdowns happening around Australia. For our NZ friends … we’ll hopefully see you IRL soon 🙂

Creating a Hybrid Future Outside of Work

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An Inclusion Influencer You Should Follow

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