This Week in Talent (11th November)

Hey hey hey!

Thanks to the peeps last week that reached out to share their hiring manager recruitment training tips and content with me – I really appreciate it. The training content I’m putting together has become bigger than Ben Hur … I feel like I could go on for weeks about what it takes to hire well. Where is the line between meaningful training content and ‘Jody going off on her high horse again’?

So back to ‘The Great Resignation’ … LOL. OMG I know it’s a thing, but far out if I hear one more person say “Have you heard about The Great Resignation” I’m going to go postal. Yep I’ve heard of it, and I will continue to link you all to the best articles about it … but I think I need a little break from actively talking about it for a while. Or maybe we can call it something else… ‘The Big Bye Bye’? ‘Quitting Time 2022’? ‘Everyone Will Resign Soon ARGHHHHHHH’?

What about this other thing that is looming – The Great Vacation? People are going to start using all the annual leave they built up over the last 2 years to go on all the holidays they missed out on! Or those employees that have been dying to organise a visa and work overseas are now free to do that! Something else to prepare for – add it to the list, hey?

I’ve decided to take a little break from social media again for a while. I’ve been doing it for weeks at a time throughout the pandemic, and even though we’re out of lockdown now … last week I felt I was in need of another break. I can’t recommend it enough. I feel so chill about life, I get more out of my day instead of stuck in a scrolling black hole, and I’m calmly enjoying freedom without feeling FOMO that I’m missing out on things. If you’re feeling frazzled, anxious and overwhelmed being out of lockdown… try deleting your Instagram/Facebook/TikTok and see how you feel!

Hope y’all have a good week 🙂

Aussie companies offering insane perks to keep staff

Hey hey hey hey – what’s this what’s thiiiiiis? Extra leave for life events (Bdays, pet adoption, etc.), gym memberships, fancy home office set-ups, free education, Ubers to and from work … some companies are offering amazing perks in an attempt to retain and attract employees.

Today’s hiring process is broken – in the future you’ll be able to apply for a job and start working 60 seconds later

This is… the dream. Although it will potentially put a lot of us talent folk out of work, at least when we’re looking for new jobs we won’t have the stress of attending interviews to worry about. We all know recruiters are the most anxious in an interview, because we’ve been on the other side of the table. Maybe that’s just me?

Stressed, in debt and in demand; millennials are rethinking their priorities – and their careers – as they start turning 40

Interesting to think that 40(ish) is when people are starting to look at a career change. So when we’re looking at broadening our hiring scope and looking at the transferable skills of potential candidates … should we also be targeting a specific age of a person with our recruitment advertising?

A recruiter lined me up an interview.  … with the employer that just fired me

Just … wow 😂 Very good.

To stem The Great Resignation employers need to bolster mental health offerings

Have you been thinking about leaving your role? Do you think you would stay if the company you work for did more to help improve your mental health? It’s our most precious resource, and it’s in a company’s best interests to make sure everyone is living their best lives whilst at work!

The experience of ‘mental load’ should be on a woman’s CV

“Women tend to underrate their life experience when applying for jobs” – should women start putting their family duties on their CV’s when looking for work? Multi-tasking, mental load, prioritising, managing up and down, calendar management, chauffeur … the list goes on.

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