This Week in Talent (11th May)

Good morning, friends!

For those in Melbourne, winter has well and truly arrived! It was the perfect weekend weather for a night on the couch providing (highly uneducated) commentary on the Coronation Ceremony; the history and rituals were quite extraordinary. The recruitment industry even got a plug.

I wanted to focus this week’s edition on internal mobility and skills-based hiring, two trends dominating the discussion throughout 2022/23. At MYOB, we’ve driven a major increase in our internal mobility numbers after an increased focus this year on talent management and the future skills and shape of each function. It’s allowed us to elevate our Talent team to become true advisors to the business and partner on talent moves, which have unlocked career opportunities that may not have previously been realised. You can find out more about what MYOB and other amazing organisations are doing in the Talent Advisory space this month by attending the ATC Talent Advisory Conference in May, but get in quick because tickets have almost sold out!

Interestingly, skills-first LinkedIn searches have also been linked to higher InMail acceptance rates. This correlation may be due to the fact that recruiters can find more relevant matches from a more extensive talent pool. Alternatively, candidates who possess the necessary skills for a particular role may be more likely to respond positively when contacted by a recruiter. Either way, I’m all for not relying solely on university credentials or past employer name dropping.

As if this wasn’t enough of a reason to get serious about skills based hiring, the World Economic Forum and PwC have recently (May 2023) released a toolkit to assist business leaders with implementing a skills-based approach to hiring and developing people.  They anticipate: demand for workers with ‘green skills’ will significantly increase; Technology will remain one of the fastest growing in-demand skills, with millions of unfilled job vacancies related to digital and technology roles; we will need more than 69 million teachers globally; have a shortfall of 15 million health workers; and as the supply chain and logistics industry transforms, it’s anticipated we will have a global shortage of 2.6 million commercial truck drivers…which will surely be solved via self-driving vehicles (check out this new approach to autonomous driving) 😊

Here’s what I found interesting this week.

What would a map of your career look like?

Have you ever sat down and thought about your career map and what led you to the career you’re in today? Check out these maps for inspiration, take 30 mins and have some quiet reflection time. You might discover something you didn’t know about yourself!

Putting Skills First 2023: A framework for action

This paper creates the need for skills-based learning and development and provides five areas for you to focus your efforts.

Bosses Are Training Employees To Be Influencers

I remember a CMO I worked with previously telling me that to be successful in marketing, it’s not about shouting to the market about how good you are, it’s about having your customers tell other customers how good you are. Maybe you can get some of those positive vibes via your employees too!

New Data: What Recruiters Get Wrong About What Candidates Want

Don’t lose sight of this simple point: People want to work somewhere where people are happy.

The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now

This one surprised me a bit- Customer Service roles were ranked as the third-most in-demand skill in LinkedIn’s recent analysis.

Webinar: What really matters for candidate experience in 2023?

In today’s competitive market, hiring teams need to do more to secure great candidates. The days of ‘post and pray’ are gone, and we all know candidate experience is of utmost importance. But what actually makes a candidate’s experience great? Tune into this PageUp webinar on Thursday 18th May to find out.

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