The Tattslotto of Getting the BEST Candidate from Your Selected Platform?

The online job board space has just grown a little bit more congested.
Gumtree recently undergone a facelift to celebrate its ten-year anniversary and in doing so, has developed a dedicated job board. The online classifieds board has always served as a kind of ‘defacto’ jobs board/job seeking site for entry level and less skilled jobs (e.g. fruit picking) and temporary work, especially in the service industry. This latest move seems to be aimed at working to their strengths and cement their position as a jobs platform for more transient work.
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So here we are, another job board in the market in addition to the plethora of job boards already available. We have our stable brands like Seek and LinkedIn, and we also have the Job Board Aggregators such as Indeed, Adzuna and, potentially, Google for Jobs, coming into the picture. These aggregators use algorithms to pull job listings from all across, a sort of symbiotic relationship where they enable smaller, more specialised job boards to have broader exposure without making them irrelevant.
All this is good. I believe it promotes healthy competition and innovation. However, it does make me wonder how a recruiter, or a Talent manager, would know which job board to use to reach their desired candidates. How can they readily discern what a job board’s target market is?
So if that’s the case and as more and more specialised job boards grow to fill market demand, how will organisations be able to determine which medium to use that will be best fit for their positions? Will it come down to spray and pray or just plain luck that the positions be filled?
Larger more well established job boards such as Seek and Indeed may have great filters that allow you post jobs to likely candidates and understand the demand and supply of a skill by location and salary rate, but what about these smaller job boards? Will newer job boards and mediums provide the same service?
The answer is most likely not. Using a lottery analogy, basically if you play Tattslotto you have a 1 in 8,000,000 chance of winning 1st Division and you have a 1 in 8,000 of winning a fourth division. I wonder what the odds are of posting jobs on platforms where you have no idea of whether you have any suitable potential candidates.
What sort of odds are you willing to bet your money on?
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