So, Is This The Future We’ve Waited For?

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Here we are in 2015. This is the year we’ve been waiting for, folks! The year Hollywood promised us hoverboards, flying cars, rehydrated pizza and Auto-Drying Clothes.
Before you laugh, just think about how far we’ve come. We now live in the age of 3D printing, drones, and ever increasing artificial intelligence. An age where algorithms can accurately predict what you want to eat, to whom you want to date. And yet, despite all the advancements, there are so many things with which we still struggle. We’re still overworked, stressed out and overweight. Look around you. Never before have we had so much data on health, groundbreaking medicine, diets, fresh food, health apps, gyms, wearable exercise technology. And yet, in the advanced world of 2015, more than half the population is overweight or obese. This is despite all our gadgets, and despite all our the technology. In this age of innovation, many people haven’t developed the ability to achieve the health success we seek.
Many organisations are in the same boat. In 2015, they will have greater access to copious amounts of data, strategies and forecasts. Ultimately, it’s how we use this information that matters. We need to teach our teams, businesses, and ourselves, how to adapt in these changing times.
Many of the skills we need are new, but many are not – such as the basics of networking and effective time management. In short, 2015 is the year to prepare for the age of innovation.
It’s going to be a great year; I hope you’ll come along for the ride.
– Trevor Vas, Director ATC Events
PS. Don’t to forget to register for reigniteHR, our first conference of 2015, designed to teach you how to use workforce strategy to elevate your HR function to a vital strategic partner of your C-suite, and one that prepares your organisation for the challenges of the future. Hope to see you there!
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