Highlights from #SST15 Sydney as told by Twitter

In staying true to the conference theme “Art Meets Science”, the second leg of this year’s Sourcing Social Talent event held in Sydney last Thursday saw lively discussions between speakers and delegates, online and off, on how recruiters can combine creative arts with data to find critical talent.
Case studies were examined and statistics were shared to provide a better picture of today’s recruitment landscape. Speakers Shannon Pritchett, Chris Hoyt and Bill Boorman also conducted brainstorming sessions to explore how recruiters can increase efficiency levels during the sourcing process.
If you had missed out on this event, don’t fret. We have put together a quick summary to get you up to speed on the latest discussions and to help you overcome your FOMO.
Here are some important questions raised, useful advice, key takeaways, and everything in between from the #SST15 Sydney event, as told by Twitter:
[bctt tweet=”Highlights from #SST15 Sydney as told by Twitter”]

Did you know?


Words of Wisdom


Useful Tools


Food for Thought


What do you reckon?

[bctt tweet=”Highlights from #SST15 Sydney as told by Twitter”]

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