Anticipating Change – How Sodexo Built an Innovative Recruitment Culture That Breaks The Mould, With Arie Ball.

Last year at #ATC2014, Arie Ball, Vice President of Talent Acquisition presented this case study which discussed how Sodexo, a global leader in Quality of Life Services and one of the world’s largest employers, used social media and mobile recruiting strategies to build an innovative recruitment culture.
Sodexo was one of the first organisations to launch a virtual career fair on Second Life in 2007 which Arie said was a testament to Sodexo’s high performance and innovative culture which has also had positive repercussions for internal mobility right across the organisation.
This case study covered:

  • How Sodexo built, implemented and measures a performance-based culture that encourages and rewards innovation.
  • Tips on innovative initiatives that can help meet changing business needs
  • How organisations looking to stay ahead of the curve can instil a similar vein into their recruitment teams.
  • How data and analytics helped to shape the business case for change and guided success.

Mike BailenThis year at #ATC2015 we’re excited to have Mike Bailen present the Zappos Case Study. Zappos made a lot of headlines by moving towards a no job posting recruitment model. Zappos shifted to a fully proactive, relationship-based recruiting model through the launching of their Zappos Insider program. Without job postings, find out how Zappos’ markets, attracts and engages with their Zappos Insiders and why they made the change. If recruiting is status quo at your company or if you’re looking to change things up, then this is the session for you!
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