6 Reasons why YOU need to be part of ATCHub

Over recent years we have seen a significant change in talent acquisition.
At ATC Events, we believe we know what matters and have strong industry connections that give us access to industry leaders and content on the major trends set to affect the future of work both in Australasian and across the globe.
In 2016 we are faced with significant volatility in world stock markets, change is so rapid it’s almost impossible to predict and keep up with, hence the need to be agile, ready and connected to market change as it occurs that can potentially affect you.
Last year we launched our ATCHub blog with the aim to bring you what’s new, now and next in talent management, HR and recruitment to assist you in this ever changing landscape we work in today.
Today we have revamped the website and launched a more interactive and functional ATCHub which we hope can better connect you to the best minds, trends, content and leaders in our industry.
Here’s why you should check out this new website:

  1. A growing community of over 7000 talent management, HR and recruitment professionals in Australasian are doing so;
  2. Enjoy thought provoking articles, blogs, events and discussions from some of the best minds and thought leaders in our industry;
  3. Get access to significant network of talent management, HR and recruitment professionals where you can gain great insights as they share the struggles and challenges faced by many of your peers as we all strive to build greater capability for our organisations and hiring managers;
  4. Be heard by sharing your thoughts via articles, blogs, forum discussions and more;
  5. You can crowdsource responses and opinions to your questions or challenges;
  6. Get access to content including case studies, whitepapers, webinars, video’s & podcasts, polls, HR technology trends, presentations from past ATC Events, discovery sessions, masterclasses and much more to assist you in your role.

And for those who are wondering what’s new on the ATCHub, here’s a quick summary:

  • You can now become a guest writer on ATCHub – We are always looking for guest writers and great content relevant to the ATCHub community. If you deserve to be heard let’s talk.  Share with us what you have on your mind, click here to get started.
  • Brand new Job Board for talent management, HR and recruitment professionals – Post your jobs as an introductory offer for free on ATCHub community. Click here to post a job today for free.
  • A Forum to crowdsource answers or opinions from the community – Engage the community and be part of the conversation, click here to start a discussion.
  • Tap into our audience and advertise on ATCHub – You have a great product, event, webinar, whitepaper that is relevant to the community then we can provide access to over 7000 talent management, HR and recruitment professionals in Australasian to share your message. To get started click here.

We hope you will find the content here beneficial to your role.
We look forward to you being part of the conversations and any feedback on the things we do are gladly welcomed.

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