Video: What is “Talent” in today’s VUCA Business World?

One of the biggest obstacles facing talent acquisition is the reluctance for organisations to change the way they think about “talent”, despite recognising changes in the business environment, says Dr. Ian Williamson, Associate Dean for the Melbourne Business School.
Over the last two decades, there were several major technological, demographic and social-political changes that have had a dramatic impact on numerous sectors. In theory major disruptions can create new and often bigger opportunities for organisations, but, in reality not all organisations are able to take advantages of these opportunities, which can lead to low organisational performance or even failure.
So how can we break through the barriers and respond effectively to major external disruptions? How can we redefine and recognise what exactly is a “talented employee”. These are just some of the questions Ian will tackle at this year’s ATC.
And to provide you a better idea of what you can expect at the conference, we sat down with Ian to have a quick chat – check it out!

Join Ian along with other leading Talent Management leaders including Ambrosia Vertesi, Dr. Amantha Imber and Carol Corzo at the Australasian Talent Conference 2016. See full agenda and purchase tickets here
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