Recruiting Recruiters… It’s hard yakka

What do you look for? What’s in the make up of a gun Recruiter… how’s in-house and agency different?  It really is an interesting thought process when you start the hiring process.  As a Recruiter, the pressure really is on when you are hiring for your own team, as well as, being a Recruiter, how you perform in an interview.
It should be a doddle right? It’s what you do, it’s what you coach candidates and hiring managers through.  But can you walk the walk?  The pressure really is on.  The expectations on you from your organisation are pretty high.
As a candidate, when you’re being interviewed, you analyse everything.  What are they looking for with asking this question? (Oh god.. itchy nose.  I can’t scratch that they’ll think I’m lying) Did I really provide the STAR answer or did I BS too much of the time?
As an interviewer, same thing.  Are they trying to bluff me with BS? Using buzz words to hide a lack of depth?  What do you mean you don’t know how close you got to budget every month?
So here’s the thing.  It’s different if you’re in-house or agency.  They are different breeds of the same animal.  Well, you need different things for an inhouse person versus an agency.  Firstly you’ll probably not really care about their billing history.  And “NO” Mr Agency man, “in-house” Recruiters are not just failed agency Recruiters.
I’d love to hear what other people are looking for in their Recruiters.
But here’s my top 6 for each.
1) Someone who won’t be bullied by HR or the business, and is competent and confident enough to be a business partner.
2) Someone who will be a great ambassador for my company, as they will be the first face prospective candidates will see and the first voice they will hear.
3) Someone who can show great judgement.
4) Someone who is tenacious and driven to deliver, with a tough skin.
5) Someone who will live with and hopefully improve my processes.
6) Someone with a network, that would potentially help my organisation
1) Entrepreneurial Spirit, someone who can see opportunity, and grasp it.
2) Someone who is proud of what they do and the position they hold in the market.
3) Someone with a proven background of delivering results, and takes responsibility for them.
4) Someone who not only thinks creatively and will do what it takes to “lure” candidates and clients, but is willing and able to work within the KPI’s and business rules I run my business with.
5) Someone who will add value to the fabric of my organisation and not be a prima donna.
6) Someone who is a walking, talking advertisement for my organisation.
Yeah I limited myself to 6 of each.  I’d love to hear what else you’d look for.  You may notice I didn’t mention Social Media AT ALL, but I see this as a tool of our age, one which should be a prerequisite today.
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