Peek, Presence, Purpose: 3 Ways Leaders Can Connect to Talent on Social Media

[Sigh]. “All of those young whipper-snappers SnapBooking and FaceChatting every minute of the day. I’m content with just having my LinkedIn profile as my main connection to the talent world. They can visit our career page.” — Thought by most leaders who all will have average talent or will be struggling to find talent in their businesses in 24 months.

For Millennials, who today represent 25 percent of the workforce and in the next 10 years will represent 75 percent working population, social media is a fundamental utility. These are the top talent that you need in your business for it to survive and thrive.
Social media is one of, if not the most important channel to connect and speak to talent today. 1/16th of our day is spent on it. We spend almost as much time on social networks as we do eating and drinking.
For most reading this, you will struggle with basic talent supply in your country too over the next five years. So it’s time for leadership to get social.

Where do you start?

At Universum, we’ve created three types of leadership social media engagement levels that will suit your personality and risk tolerance. They will help you to get onto to social and start to curate your own talent audiences:

number 1 Peek

You are new to social media and want to get involved but don’t know where to start.

How to engage with talent
  • Make sure that you have a profile on the major networks. Make sure that it is correct, and reflects the professional or personal (or both) you
  • Follow your company’s social pages & key influencers
How this will affect talent

They will be able to find you to connect or follow, building a future communication bridge. You will also add your leadership oomph to your company’s social presence. This will be a key channel for recruitment over the next five years.
[bctt tweet=”It’s time for leaders to get social because that’s where future talent are says @DavidBrudenell” username=”ATCevent”]

number 2 Presence

You are on social but want to take the next step to connect more deeply with your teams and future talent prospects.

How to engage with talent
  • Share published stories & jobs that your company posts
  • Like and comment content on your company’s social pages
  • Share things that show your professional passions
  • Illustrate your work by celebrating others in your teams
  • Start a light, visual journey via your mobile camera
How this will affect talent

They will be able to get a glimpse into not only your company, but also how you perceive and interact with it. Sharing and celebrating your team’s’ stories and successes will humanise you on social and by visualising authentic moments talent will be able to get a small glimpse of what it’s like to work with you within your company.

number 3 Purpose

You are a regular contributor on those channels where Millennials are most. You want to know how to tweak your messaging and plan where you can cultivate your personal brand as one that aligns with Millennials.

How to engage with talent
  • Complete all Presence activities
  • Crystalise your thoughts and passions in writing or visually
  • Begin a discussion
How this will affect talent

Talent will be able to look to you as a thought leader and engage with the tactile passion you have for your work. They will be able to view, see, and read the effects of your passion on your teams, your company and industry. You will build leadership memory with talent whom will want to work like/with you. This will positively add to the employer brand for your company and the high engagement that you capture will be amplified by social networks wanting to deliver compelling content to similar audiences.
SnapBooking and FaceChatting are here to stay. How are you going to engage?

This article first appeared on Universum on May 11th, 2016. 

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