Video Interviewing Delivers Big for Small Teams & Budgets

Doing more with less is the mantra these days for nearly all organisations, but when you’ve got a small TA team and budget, there truly is a limit on what you can accomplish. If your hiring success depends on getting an exponential return for your efforts, then video interviewing is technology worth exploring. Unlike some HCM technologies now popular, video interviewing enables you to make a big impact without a big learning curve or a big budget.  Here’s how:

Add Hours Back into Your Day.

Video interviewing improves efficiency in so many ways – less travel time, easier scheduling and faster screening, to name a few. Get that quick check of a candidate’s presentation skills with a live video interview, or pre-recorded on-demand video interviews. When you add body language and visual cues to your base of knowledge about each candidate, you maximize your evaluation abilities and can more accurately screen a larger volume of candidates faster.
It’s easier to make a seamless presentation of the best candidates, too. Recruiters can forward candidates’ pre-recorded interviews to hiring decision-makers in advance, and get all decision-makers together to panel interview the top choices for the position. Video interviewing allows you to redirect your time to your priorities and achieve greater performance.

Make an Impression, Build Your Pipeline.

The percentage of candidates NOT hired usually dwarfs the percentage who get your job offer. Don’t let this larger slice of the pie go to waste: All of these non-hired candidates have shown interest in your organisation, and some may be great candidates for future open positions. Even though they’re not getting an offer now, if you treat them to an extraordinary candidate experience through video interviewing, you’ll still make a lasting positive impression with your employer brand and expand your pipeline.

Achieve 5-10X ROI.

Unlike many HR systems, a SaaS video interviewing solution won’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take months to fully implement. Most of your team probably already has all that’s required – a smartphone, tablet or computer with webcam, and an Internet connection. You can start small with a specific job category or business line hiring needs, and scale up as you prove video interviewing’s ROI in your organisation.
Though video interviewing is well known for its significant savings in the travel department, it offers so much more beyond this key operational benefit. Many companies use it to reach out to new pools of talent, improving overall quality of hire. Almost all find that video interviewing helps recruiters and hiring managers work better, smarter and faster together.

Be Proficient in Less Than an Hour

With a video interviewing solution that’s purpose-built for hiring, recruiters can become proficient with the technology after about an hour of training – and hiring managers need none at all. If you’re thirsting  for something that can ease your day and enhance your work results, it may be time for you to embrace this innovative technology.

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