The “Cookie Monster” – A Sesame Street Character that Does Not Belong in HR Software

How many times have you had an issue with the HR software in your computer and logged a ticket with the helpdesk with the following solution – “you need to power down, and restart your computer”.
Problem solved. Or so it seems.
Suddenly, it is “Cookie Monster’s” turn… COOKIE COOKIE COOKIE~~~

I am sure this problem is not unique to my organisation and many others face the same issues too. So if you happen to be a HR software solution provider is reading this right now, it would be extremely helpful if you could take note of the following when developing your next product:

1. Not all organisations are as up-to-date as you would imagine when it comes to internet browsers.

Our IT policy only allows for IE. Yeah, we know how bad IE is, and that you develop software on some whiz bang platform whilst sitting in the Millennium Falcon patting Chewy. Yeah, I know we should get with the times and use Firefox or Chrome but we’re stuck in the IE tractor beam. Live with it and build your business around it. IE is the schnizzle.

2. Flash….

Ah ha…..every time I hear that issue (you need to update flash) I picture Sam Jones of Flash Gordon infamy. Someone have an M themed party as I’d like to go as Ming. This is probably more to do with an internal issue but I couldn’t resist showing my age because that movie rocked and I like to reminisce.

3. The “Cookie Monster” should only exist on Sesame Street or Google and not run riot in your HR software.

‘Huh?’ you might say. As an employer we invest in a lot of time, energy, and money into the candidate experience. Only to be robbed by the “Cookie Monster”. The number of times we hear;

  • “I’ve filled out all fields but it says it’s still incomplete” OR
  • “I’m trying to attach a CV but it won’t let me” OR
  • “The apply button won’t work”

The list goes on.
The solution apparently is to ask the applicant a host of questions which basically sees me capturing enough data to be romantically or donor matched with them. Then to pass this information onto you for investigation.
Alternatively, there is a help function, which deviates them away from me to you. So now you’re courting the candidate. Ah-huh, I see what you are doing here! Some wingman you are.
OR the solution I love the most is to ‘ask them to delete their cache and cookies’.

Think about what you are asking for a minute. Think about me for a minute more. Think about the candidate for a couple of minutes because that is the person I’m paying you for. The reason your software exists in the first place.
Well, ok perhaps the demise of the fax machine and lack of stone scribers could also be blamed.
We know there are many browsers and multiple times that in versions of those browsers. But my patience and give a sh*t factor is currently at an all-time low. Remember your end user, and no, that is not me (ok, yes I am one of them), it is the hundreds and thousands of people applying to jobs or trying to apply for jobs.
They are not all Jedi’s with the latest and greatest, and probably have hand-me-up not hand-me-down, computers.
Time to sort out those glitches, because all the effort we make in improving the candidate experience is ruined when an applicant cannot apply because they have to delete their cache and restart their application.
Surely I’m not the only person having these frustrations? I for one would enjoy a laugh, please share your excusable solutions but please refrain from naming your provider. They are doing great things, but this quite frankly needs to improve dramatically.
Perhaps a software provider could comment more around this. Please remember that most employers have IT policies to adhere to so your nirvana may not be our reality.
Old Computer 

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