ATC’s Talent Tech Pitch Off “The Innovation Lab” is back!

Talent Tech Pitch-Off finalists

Held at The Capitol Theatre in Melbourne on Wednesday, 21st July from 10am – 12pm (AEST), hear our five finalists pitch off against each other live on stage at the Innovation Lab 2021.

Be the first to see and explore the emerging and game-changing Talent Technology set to impact how you hire. You’ll be able to ask questions direct to the Finalists and then vote for the winner and enjoy re-connecting with the Melbourne Talent Community!

Co-hosted by ATC Events & Media and Hays Talent Solutions. Tickets are free but limited to only 150 pax, so register now to save your seat.

Let’s meet your Finalists!

Finalist #1: Flow of Work Co

Pitching in 2021 is: Helena Turpin, Co-founder

Helena Turpin - Flow of Work

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Flow of Work Co is a digital platform designed to identify and unlock the full skillset potential within an existing workforce. We do this by matching the current skills and future career aspirations of internal employees to internal upskilling opportunities and the future skills requirement within their existing organisation, rather than losing them to the external job market. By harnessing our platform, organisations with a clear future-focused strategy around internal talent development can unlock employee potential, make career paths transparent and match the right talent to the right internal opportunities.

What frustration / problem does it solve?

The root cause of employee disengagement and employee turnover is the lack of investment in an employee’s professional growth and the resulting belief that they are undervalued. Flow of Work Co addresses this problem by connecting the recruitment function of a business with the right internal talent, without the need for either party to look externally. Our proprietary talent insights help match the existing skills and skills aspirations of an employee to the future roles and goals of the business. Our platform provides a holistic view of what might come next, while saving money in recruiting, contingent labour costs, onboarding and lost productivity.

How does it differentiate from other products in the market?

Flow of Work Co combines internal datasets from HR and productivity systems that contains insights about skills and knowledge such as wikis, code repositories and ticketing systems, with external data from online profiles and job ads which means organisations can automatically gain full visibility of the skills and experiences of their workforce (without initially involving employees).

Our platform leverages millions of historical datapoints to understand the changing nature of skills, skill adjacencies, and how that leads to new and novel career pathways. When combined with other employee-provided datapoints such as strengths, aspirations, and the profiles of who they most admire within their organisation, our suite of algorithms more accurately predict the most suitable potential career pathways. We also offer a competitive price point for mid-sized organisations who don’t have the budgets or implementation resources needed for some of the larger platforms on the market.

Finalist #2: DivTal

Pitching in 2021 is: Lorna Deng and Bedi Othow, Co-Founders

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Lorna Deng and Bedi Othow - DivTal

DivTal is an online job platform that directly connects employers wanting to increase the cultural diversity of their workforce to job candidates from BIPOC (black, Indigenous, People of Colour) backgrounds.

All DivTal candidates are vetted through an application, phone interview and candidate profile approval is based on completeness. The DivTal platform has a video resume feature for employers to get to know candidates up close and personal.

What frustration / problem does it solve?

Many organisations want to foster a diverse workforce but struggle to quickly and easily find the right candidates. On the other hand, job candidates from BIPOC backgrounds often face complex employment barriers. DivTal is an online platform that connects inclusive employers to BIPOC job candidates.

Finalist #3: Werkling

Pitching in 2021 is: Michelle Fotheringham, Founder & CEO

Where did the idea for your product/innovation come from?  

Michelle Fotheringham - Werkling

In 2019, I noticed an increase in the number of top talent opting out of the traditional employee-employer work model and moving towards portfolio careers and the professional gig-economy.  At the same time, organisations were feeling the crunch. The rhetoric of doing more with less, constantly finding efficiencies and delivering big projects alongside BAU was taking a toll. The perfect storm was brewing and COVID-19 has only accelerated the need for Werkling’s on-demand talent model.

What frustration / problem does it solve?

The assumption that organisations need the same number of people, with the same capability, at the same time, all the time is at conflict with today’s dynamic environment.  Organisations are moving away from designing static jobs and towards designing the outcome needed, fuelled by nimble resourcing solutions.  Werkling helps leaders and talent professionals reach beyond the limitations of their professional network to discover hidden pools of exceptional on-demand talent. 

What is the most like-minded product/s in the market?

We’re kind of like Expert360 crossed with LinkedIn. Or the address book of a C-suite exec crossed with Upwork. Or maybe Seek crossed with Tinder. We aren’t another gig platform but an extension of your trusted on-demand talent network; the people that help you succeed.

Finalist #4: Triggr

Pitching in 2021 is: Tom Rielly, Founder

Tom Rielly - Triggr

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Triggr is a SaaS platform that continuously monitors the public web collecting data around hiring trends, role changes, technology installs, news mentions, and much more to alert HR teams and agencies of important information in real-time.

 What frustration / problem does it solve?

It saves HR teams time by allowing them to easily produce head hunting shortlists, predict role movements, gather contact details, get a more detailed candidate and company view to make powerful data-driven sourcing decisions.

Has anyone signed up a client yet? Any names we’d recognise?

A few companies we work with are AirWallex, Ascender, HudsonRPO, LiveHire, CattleDog Digital.

Finalist #5: BenchOn Independents

Pitching in 2021 is: Tim Walmsley, Founder & CEO

Tim Walmsley - BenchOn

How would you best describe your product/innovation?

Designed for businesses that manage and use an independent contractor or sole trader workforce to fill their specialist contingent positions. Within a curated Independents Pool, the system will intelligently match any contract role or position to the contractor that has the right skills, with the right experience, at the right time and at the right price.

Linking seamlessly into your BenchOn company profile, businesses can now match their contingent talent demand directly to Independents, Preferred Supplier Panels, Specialist firms, Agencies and Global Corporates from the one dashboard, saving $191,000/month in sourcing costs and 80% of sourcing time and effort.

How does it differentiate?

What makes this innovative is that this two-sided platform allows Independents to control their own profile and allocate their profile to the companies that they would like to work with. At any time, they can disconnect their profile from a Host Company, who will no longer have access to their information. This changes the circumstances of the Independents and places them in full control of their own careers.

Rather than businesses having to search for independents individually and then invite them to a talent pool if they have the right skill sets, BenchOn’s advanced matching platform will notify Independents when companies need their specialist skill sets.

The power of this full integration is that a business can receive a contract opportunity from another business on BenchOn, allocate the opportunity to their independents pool, receive and curate responses and submit the selected specialist to the end client in just 6 clicks of a button. Business Development to Contract Win. In. Just. Six. Clicks.

BenchOn supports every specialist from Rocket Scientists to Administrators to Boiler Makers and charges a flat $250/month subscription.. It doesn’t matter if you are the largest organisation in Australia, and you have 15,000 Independents in your database, the cost is the same. Because the technology does all of the heavy lifting.

Want to hear more from these amazing tech talent start-ups as they went head-to-head in a pitch-off? Watch the head-pitch-off here and find out who won!

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