Goodbye Recruiter. Hello, Talent Professional.

It used to be when recruitment was as simple and straightforward as getting bums on seats, but gone are those days. The traditional role of a recruiter – that of a simple ‘job taker or filler’, no longer exists. The complex nature of today’s workforce requires recruiters to demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge, technological and interpersonal skills than ever before. Life as a recruiter has become infinitely more complicated.
Accompanying these developments is also a gradual shift in perspective regarding what it means to be a recruiter. In case you haven’t noticed, a recruiter is slowly being recognised as a genuine business partner who plays a crucial role in taking the organisation up another level. The role is evolving into one that is much more strategic and business-critical, into something more akin of a Talent Professional.
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So what is a Talent Professional and what do they look like? Here’s a quick overview of the qualities that I believe a Talent Professional should possess and my thoughts on how you can identify the desired competencies for you:

If a prospective Talent Professional does not have the majority of these skills, then a skills gap analysis and appropriate training are necessary to help the person get up to speed. It may seem like a long list. However, these skills often lend themselves to each other and can be easily learned. Attending recruitment training conferences can be a good place to start for any recruiter aspiring to elevate themselves to the level of a Talent Professional. Coaching and mentoring play an important role; and as a leader, it is important we spend quality time with our team members.

Not all organisations recognise the value of a Talent Professional just yet, though, and making time for personal and professional development in the talent area is still challenging; as our leaders would often prioritise filling a position over training. They are still struggling to see how an enhanced recruitment function could improve the way an organisation operates.

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However, things are changing, though. Increasingly, organisations can ill afford to hire one-dimensional employees who are incapable of adding value to their broader business. As discussed during the ATC2016 conference in July, we are currently operating in a complex and volatile economy and companies need to be able to do more for less without reducing the level of service for their customers. A recruiter without ongoing training and development starts to become less agile and proactive, and this can be a liability to the business.

So how prepared will you be to take advantage of this ongoing trend? Can you handle the new responsibilities and thrive in the knowledge that you have extended powers in charting the future of the organisation you are working for? Can you transform yourself from a recruiter into a Talent Professional?

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