SourceCon – The State of Sourcing Today

View part onetwo and three or Martin’s journey to get to SourceCon.
I’m here! The day has come. I have my Vegemite in hand, and I’m ready to mingle.
This is by far the biggest SourCon ever, with five hundred and twenty attendees, made up of hard core sourcers and recruiting from staffing firms and large corporations. There’s a palpable buzz in the air, and people are excited to learn from this incredible group. What’s become really clear to me, talking to people, is that within the US, sourcing is seen as a profession in itself; a position that is valued and viewed as a critical piece of the recruitment puzzle, rather than just a set of skills all recruiters have some base level understanding of.
We begin of course with Mr Jeremy Roberts , who kicks off the events with the results from SourceCon’s survey on the current state of sourcing.
The survey revealed that in the last 12 months:

  • 52% of sourcing and recruiting teams have grown
  • LinkedIn is still the number one tool used to source (no surprises here)
  • 82% of sources and recruiters use LinkedIn
  • More than 70 % have a LinkedIn Recruiter Seat
  • 52% are using Twitter to source
  • In 2013, 4% were using Facebook to search
  • In 2014 this has grown to 20%
  • Sourcing salaries are increasing (hooray!)

In both Australia and NZ I’m sure LinkedIn usage by recruiters is similarly high, but I’m unsure as to the how widespread LinkedIn Recruiter usage is. From my experience, very few recruiters in our region use Twitter and Facebook to actually source candidates, rather they use it as a platform to broadcast their jobs. I’m also constantly surprised as to how few people are aware of how amazing a tool Facebook graph search can be.
SourceCon is an amazing event and an incredible community for educating and sharing sourcing expertise.  I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learnt with you all  #SST2014 in SydneyMelbourne and Auckland 
Stay tuned as I catch up with Mart Tortorici and Matt Charney and share what you  can expect from them at SST2014!

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