Video: Bringing People Analytics to Life in 2017 & Beyond with Al Adamsen

What is People Analytics? How can you paint a convincing picture using data to persuade your senior management on how they should be hiring and managing Talent in your organisation?
We had a chat with Al Adamsen, Founder & Executive Director with the Talent Strategy Institute, where he provided a sneak peek into the world of People Analytics and also shared some bits about his upcoming keynote and workshop sessions at the People Analytics & the Future of Talent conference (PAN17).

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Quick Summary

What is People Analytics?

Who knows? Al dives into the difficulty of pinning down the term, and runs us through a history of people analytics from the 2000s to now. Where have we been? And where are we going?

How has People Analytics helped Talent Acquisition?

When it comes to Talent Acquisition, it’s about helping people understand the entire process for prospective employees from beginning to end. How do we track the process as it unfolds, and how do we use the data that generates?

Can you implement a People Analytics function on a budget?

Most don’t, but it’s possible. What might a medium sized business need out of its HR department to implement a PA function? What does a major business need? Al runs down some examples, and talks about the clarity of vision needed to begin developing a PA function, as well as common mistakes that hamstrings many attempts to do so.

What can we expect from you at PAN2017?

What needs to happen to bring people analytics to life in 2017 and beyond? Many don’t have a good understanding of what it takes to build a sustainable capability that adds unique value and competitive advantage over time. But there is a solution, and a guide to adopting it, and Al has both.

Less than two weeks till the People Analytics & Future of Talent conference – book your tickets now!

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