Where in the world is the talent?

As Simon Kuper said in the Financial Times, “if you can do your job anywhere, then someone anywhere can do your job”. 

It was interesting to put this theory to the test in our Sourcing Hackathon on 27th October when we asked the question “where in the world is all the talent?”

We learned about the emerging Tech Hubs in Ukraine and Toronto from Globalization Partner’s Craig Goldblatt and heard some interesting insights into employment and salary conditions in other countries, including a 13th month bonus (which you can read about on Globalpedia). 

Missed the Hackathon? Watch the recording.

Meanwhile, Shannon Pritchett reviewed the availability of talent for Senior Full Stack Engineer with AWS, Java, and React expertise and found that while Australia has 6,406 people in the market, India had 172, 654 and China has a whopping 190, 003 people.

Building international teams is not new but we now have five factors in play:

  1. An Ai sourcing tool that finds skilled people for you instantly
  2. An employment service to help you navigate and overcome the challenges of hiring offshore
  3. A pandemic normalising remote work
  4. Some experience in managing people remotely
  5. A talent market forcing us to be creative

You access the full recording to re-watch the session via the link below. You may also be interested in the two Globalization Partners resources listed below:

What are the key factors driving hiring off-shore?

We asked the live Hackathon audience what their key drivers for hiring hire offshore were (other than access to critical skills/talent). Here’s what they said.

Watch the Sourcing Hackathon

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