Talent Sourcing – an Essential Recruiter Skill

Top recruiters have a broad skillset across disciplines including: human resources, psychology, marketing, consulting, management, research, sales, process trouble-shooting, commerce, technology, social media, match making, coaching and sourcing.
Proactive sourcing tools, techniques and skills have arisen due to market competition for high calibre talent.

As Melissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, said during an interview on Bloomberg TV last year “Technology companies live and die by the talent they can attract.

It’s not just Silicon Valley companies who know securing the right talent at the right time is essential for success. Hiring managers across industries want options and bad hires are costly. The old “post and pray” job advertisement approach doesn’t guarantee a strong shortlist of candidates – which is why internal and external recruiters have turned to direct sourcing as an answer.
Martin Warren describes sourcing as an “art” and a “science”. I first met Martin after I returned from the US in 2007, he was training a group of recruiters at BHP about how to search for passive candidates rather than relying on the active candidate pool. I was fortunate to be invited into that training by a contact and have stayed in touch with Martin since. I’ve quoted Martin in my eBooks on Executive Search and Career Management. When I was putting together a slide deck for my presentation at AOG 2014 earlier this year on how to recruit mission critical talent Martin provided input.
Martin has kindly invited me to present at his Sourcing MasterClass in Perth on Thursday 27th November. My section of the training will be a case study from a recent search assignment I ran for a senior level role with an oil and gas services company. I’ll be talking through my methods including the search research plan, market mapping, target company list and the rest of the sourcing strategy.
If you, someone in your team, or one of your contacts is looking to bolster their recruitment toolbox they will benefit from attending one of Martin’s training workshops.
Learn more about the features, learning outcomes and benefits of the Sourcing MasterClass here
You can register for the Perth MasterClass Martin and I will be running in Septembe and find  dates of events in other cities, here 
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