How To Reach The Best Candidates

As the fierce global competition for the best talent ramps up around the world, leading organisations are ensuring they are standing out amongst the crowd and getting their jobs in front of top talent.
Senior Director of Sales at Indeed, Chris McDonald, says top job seekers are living in an age of unprecedented global competition, where the fight for their skills is being fought out online.
“The consumer of today lives in an on-demand world, and jobseekers are no different. They are turning to online search in unprecedented numbers, and demand both a great user experience and the freshest, most relevant jobs quickly” says Chris. “This increasing shift in jobseeker behaviour means employers need to move beyond traditional methods and adapt the way they attract the best candidates. Leading organisations are quickly learning that they need to give their candidates what they want, when and where they want it”.
Chris, whose organisation Indeed is the world’s number one source of hire online and hosting a Webinar on Wednesday the 20th of August on this topic, says that they had to design their services around the changing needs of candidates, giving job seekers an experience that works for them, and helping employers connect with the right talent.


With mobile internet usage set to outnumber desktop usage, organisations have to be cognisant that job seekers will be using mobile devices to search and apply for jobs.
“54% of jobseekers in Australia are using Indeed from a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet, and the rate of change is occurring incredibly fast. Having your jobs visible on a mobile device is the first step for an organisation looking to make changes, but ensuring jobseekers are able to apply is vital.”


One key factor in reaching the best candidates is to know who they are, and to target them.
“With Indeed we position your  job ads in front of the most relevant job seekers leads to more targeted candidates, less time wading through unqualified applications and, if done well, reduced cost per hire” Chris said.
“Organisations who advertise with Indeed only ever have to pay if a candidate clicks on their ad – essentially paying only on performance. With job boards you pay to appear whether you get results or not. With Indeed, you can target your candidates, which results in less waste and improves overall efficiency”.
To learn more about how Indeed can help you reach the best candidates, register for their webinar
Reaching The Best Candidates
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
 30 minutes + Q&A
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