This Week in Talent (9th September)

Happy Thursday!

Jody Smith
Jody Smith

This week I’ve been busy trying to find engineers to fill the roles we have on at the moment. There’s lots of jobs, but there’s NOT … lots of suitable candidates. Bummer. Because we’re a government department our hands are tied in terms of implementing some funky, fresh ideas for candidate attraction and retention throughout our recruitment process – BUT … we have some things we’re able to do to make the most of the scope that we do have. Along with our Ambassador Program that we’re about to launch (which I’ve spoken about briefly before), I’m working on a fun talent attraction and recruitment strategy piece with our Communications team (which is huge) and I’ll share with you all once it kicks off! Our goal is to target the industries in decline due to the pandemic, so it will be beneficial for us as a business but also providing meaningful work to people who need it. Exciting times.

I’m still not on Instagram – I haven’t been on there in about 3 weeks now, and I won’t be back anytime soon. It’s a massive trigger for my anxiety, and my head has been so much clearer without constantly doom scrolling on the gram. In saying that, I’m still on TikTok. My TikTok algorithm only shows me funny dog videos, work satire videos, and cleaning tips. Here’s one of my fave video finds from this week (hands up if you’ve ever done this). Here’s another one.

ANNNNND here’s another TikTok vid that I thought was funny and relatable. I’ve had to start cutting back on coffee because I was having 2-3 before lunch and I’d be buzzing but also scatter brained and unable to work properly at the same time. So I’m down to 1 small coffee in the mornings now, and I’m only allowed to have it after I’ve had water and breakfast. I’ve also cut back on week night wines … so I’m not having a great time right now in lockdown LOL. My body and mind will thank me for it though, surely?

That’s all from me this week. Have a good-un!

More info on the VicGov’s Digital Jobs Program

I posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but here’s another update on the VicGov’s attempt to address the tech skills gap here in Victoria. I can’t wait to see the results.

Your Hiring Process Is Broken

Some bare basic, but useful and important, hiring tips to implement to ensure your process is up the standard. Honestly, are people still seriously ghosting candidates? Sheesh. Just stop it!

Developing DEI Programs

This is a read AND a listen. Love the talk on Employee Resource Groups (similar to the Ambassador program I’m working on) and getting them involved with your interviews so that candidates can chat to someone that is like them to find out what it’s really like to work there. Give it a listen/read!

Businesses are bouncing back, but dearth of talent threatens growth

While businesses have bounced back from the darkest days of the pandemic and ramped up hiring again, applications per job have dropped resulting in widespread talent shortages. Time to look at your hiring process and find efficiencies, and ‘outside the box’ ways to attract new talent. Whoop!

Freelancers to substantially replace full time workers in the next five years

Full time employees are starting to pick up side jobs or “hustles” (guilty as charged) – does this mean that our workforce will start to look for short term gigs rather than full time, permanent positions? Will it be hard to attract candidates to long term positions in the future? Looks like that’s what’s happening!

Summer flights stranded as aviation staff shortages loom

At work we’ve been actively targeting industries in decline with our recruitment advertising (aka airlines, flight attendants, travel agents etc). And we’re not the only ones. What’s going to happen once the borders open and we can go on holidays again but there’s no one to staff the flights that get us there? Yikes!

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