This Week in Talent (8th December)

Howdy! I hope this TWIT finds you deep in the end-of-year silliness, and you’re feeling tired but happy.

Me? I’m dying. The heat last weekend absolutely knocked me for six. I am one of those controversial people that hates summer. Give me a beautiful, 20-degree Spring day any day.

Something I’ve been really conscious of (and obsessed with) recently is sun protection. As a ginger I was always the bright red, burned kid in the school playground. The burn would slowly disappear, and be replaced with more and more freckles.

At work, we currently have a skin-checking initiative where employees can book a MoleMap to get their skin checked. Work organised a GP to do a Q&A on mole checking, and what signs of melanoma look like. Safe to say … I booked my MoleMap immediately after. Apparently, ginger’s and light-skinned people are more susceptible, which scared the bejeezus out of me.

It got me thinking though – does your workplace offer health-related initiatives like that? Do you take them up? Do you mention them in your adverts, and highlight them on your LinkedIn Life pages?

I’m so appreciative to have an employer that values my brain, but also my health and well-being and I want to talk about it more! It’s not a top attraction driver for most candidates (according to the SEEK Laws of Attraction tool) but it should be! Especially if we consider the future of work, the way the planet is warming, and the harshness of our Aussie sun. If you want me working for you, I’m gonna be doing my best work without a melanoma to worry about thank you very much.

And on that note … here are this week’s talent articles for your enjoyment 🤙🏻

Australian workers salary-standoff, 80% leave jobs if not given pay rise beating inflation

Eeeek something to keep an eye on – could we be at risk of losing our workforce, or battling to stay competitive in the world of recruitment, if we can’t match the salaries people need to survive with the increasing cost of living?. Another ‘Great’ for 2023? The ‘Great Payrise Demand’?

Another tech bubble bursts: 2022 has been brutal for Silicon Valley workers

A look at the tech companies in Silicon Valley that have had layoffs over the past 12 months, and it’s not just the US facing these issues. Employees in Australia and Southeast Asia are also facing similar challenges. Potentially a useful tool if you’re looking for staff that have worked at these companies to join yours …

Female truckers group alleges Facebook’s ad system is discriminatory

In a new era of DEI, this group of absolute LEGENDS are challenging Facebook (Meta) on programming their job adverts for traditional “male” roles to men, and adverts for traditional “female” roles to women. Algorithmic discrimination is a thing!

Why it’s time for every company to become a wellness company

I’m still not sure how I feel about the term “wellness.” I feel like it’s a tad ableist for companies to aspire to be “well”, and that their best employees are “well” people. That aside, I think it’s important for companies to support their people when it comes to physical and mental health, both in and out of the workplace.

Australian Public Service recruitment ‘too Canberra-centric’ as leaders consider allowing staff to live elsewhere

For my fellow Canberrans out there, OR anyone that aspires to work in the Australian Public Service. You may soon be able to do that from anywhere…

Tracking the “Great” workplace trends of 2022

This is a great tool for anyone wanting a cheeky refresher on all the ‘Great’ workplace trends (or … threats) from the past 12 months. What Greats will 2023 bring?

Seek announce STAR Award finalists

The STAR Awards are back, and SEEK have announced the 2022 finalists – some snazzy peeps doing snazzy stuff in the TA space. Click here to find out more about the nominees, and look back at winners from previous years!

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