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Greetings friends!

It is my pleasure to be your editor for the month of May, where we delve into the depths of Talent Advisory. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and I’ll do my best to provide a diverse and engaging selection of content for you to enjoy.

Firstly, a bit about me. My name is Lauren Trethowan and I lead the Talent Team for MYOB. I joined MYOB 4.5 years ago as Head of Organisational Development and prior to that have lead Culture teams, Business Partnering teams and spent 8+ years in Management Consulting. I’m also a registered Psychologist, and no, I can’t read minds 😊. For those not familiar with MYOB, we’re a 30+ year old business and the original Australian unicorn (the first to achieve $1 billion value). Having started life as accounting software, MYOB has undertaken significant steps toward becoming a cloud-based business management platform, acquiring or partnering with around 15 businesses that add value and capability to MYOB’s offering.​

Speaking of acquisitions, I saw the movie AIR on the weekend and learnt that Nike owned Converse (who knew?!). If you’re looking for a feel-good film, AIR is about the game-changing partnership between a then-rookie Michael Jordan and Nike’s fledgling basketball division. They revolutionised contemporary culture with the Air Jordan brand and took it from “there’s nothing cool about Nike” to a multibillion-dollar company who eventually bought out Converse. It struck me that selling Nike to Michael Jordan (or his Mum to be more accurate) is very much like selling a candidate to your company. Nike needed to understand the competition, figure out their unique selling proposition (what made them the better choice), find out what the Jordan’s really wanted from the deal (and appeal to that) and conduct some serious stakeholder management. It’s a glorious step back into the 80s with a soundtrack to match (plus it’s educational!)- well worth it.

Something the MYOB Talent team are currently looking into is simplifying our visa process to reduce handover points and speed up getting the right information to the right person. We figure given Australia is set to experience the biggest two-year population surge in its history, with an extra 650,000 migrants this financial year and next, now is the time to do it given Australia is set to experience the biggest two-year population surge in history.

Here are a few articles that caught my attention this week.

APAC Labour Market Insights- March 2023

Being in Technology, it seems all we hear about is the slowing down of the job market, but interesting to see despite a cooling labour market, Oil, Gas and Mining, Healthcare and Education are all showing growth in March 2023, compared to a year ago.

NAB’s changes to working from home

Given Nab’s large employer base I can understand how their absence from the office is hurting small business in the local area, but one must wonder how much a move like this will cost in increased salaries to counter no WFH option for senior staff.

Hardie Grant offers new benefits to staff

Thinking about reviewing your EVP, look at the new leave options Hardie Grant are offering. Time will tell how much of an impact these business policies will have when implemented.

Imposter Syndrome: Made in the classroom, reinforced in the workplace

We recently had Layne Beachley speak at MYOB about our ‘Self-limiting beliefs’ and this article struck a chord. Employers can play a part in helping their employees focus on past accomplishments and embracing fears and doubts to overcome imposture syndrome.

Evidence that walking supports cognitive performance

Love a good walking meeting? Well there’s a reason why!

SEEK’s latest healthcare industry insights

The Healthcare & Medical industry – the country’s biggest employer comprising 14% of the working population – is a key driver for the Australian economy as it continues its post-Covid recovery. SEEK’s report has been created exclusively for healthcare hirers, recruiters, managers and business owners and offers an in-depth look at trends shaping the healthcare labour market

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